Au Revoir

A long post...put your seatbelt on. You'll have to take my word for it that Montreal is beautiful, I slack a little on the architectural pictures, thinking one can always find a better shot on a postcard. Here's some photos in (mostly) chronological order...

montreal bixi

The best way to get around the city is definately by the Bixi biking system. There are hundreds of stations around the city so you can drop off and pick up bikes very conveniently. I no longer bike, I Bixi...

montreal fire 1

montreal fire 2

Eating lunch on a roadside patio, we saw 20 firetrucks fly by in about 15 minutes. Now, some may say that sounds wonderful (yes, there's something about firefighters) but you start to worry about what's happening when you hear such a constant siren. It turns out the upper floor of a row house caught fire, thankfully, it was contained before spreading to all the ajoining places. We came back a day later and they had torn down the entire section. Weird to look into the neighbouring apartment like it's a house cross-section at a museum.

remontreal grafitti

montreal grafitti 2

Grafitti is quite prevalent, and I like it in it's rightful place. Of course we stop to pose it out. Honestly, I'm a little meh about my outfit. I love the sequined vintage vest though... maybe the weather was getting me down. It was supposed to be muggy this day but instead it was on the cooler side, so I felt a little cold and underdressed in my shorts. The next day was supposed to be chilly, so I sensibly wore jeans, only to be greeted by weather that was mainly sunny with a chance of drinking. C'est la vie! Most of the cute outfits I packed, stayed packed.

remontreal dance

The subway is hot and you miss half the city underground. So we walked (and Bixied) everywhere. I'm glad we did because we came across this scene at a Portuguese park. These dancers were really good. Puts my booty shake to shame...

montreal alley1

remontreal alley
Posing in a dark alleyway like a fashion blogger... until a dog started to bark and we freaked out like little girls.

montreal picnic1

montreal picnic2
The following day we had a picnic lunch on a public lawn by some fort (don't I sound smrt). The brie, fresh bread and fruit were from the local market. Wine breathes better in paper cups and on sunny days by the way... Yes, there's the sunshine that only came out when it wasn't forecasted.

montreal tourist

Backpack, the Hulk camera case and peace sign. Could I possibly look more like a tourist at the waterfront?

remontreal eva b

montreal eva b2

There is this most amazing thrift/costume store called Eva B. It's just the way I like my thrift store; a dark, unorganized cave of treaures. Apparently, people used to come in all the time, try on costumes (these costumes are the real thing, not reproductions), take pictures and leave. Hence they were a little sensitive about taking pictures. The kind lady said I could take one and I hurriedly took a photo in a dark corner with some REEEdiculous go-go boots. Later I saw the mannequin looked slightly...ahem...inappropriate, so Linda photoshopped some undies for me. You're the best! The latter picture is a space they rent out for photoshoots behind the store. A very cool space. I obviously took this photo before I knew of the no-picture rules...

montreal pink

My favourite clubbing outfit. The leggings chafed a little but in general, I think I look quite nice.

again montreal m

And finally, many kisses to my favourite frenchie....


Secondhand Stella said...

Hahahaha, the mannequin photo made me laugh. It looks like you had a nice trip :)

Linda said...

Love the picture of you seductively eating the strawberry....Almost looks like you are wearing severly red lipstick...hmm...you should try that sometime I think it might suit you.
I am glad to help underwear mannequins...I think I may have found my calling in life.

Linda said...

p.s. When you live in Canada you should give a shout out to the nation's birthday. Bah humbug to you.

Kyla said...

That looks like sooo much fun and I LOVE the sequin vest outfit. Awesomeness times five!

Unknown said...

That mannequin photo made me to "what?" LOL! Looks like you're having fun!

Elizabeth said...

Were those dancers tangoing? That looks like it might be tango to me!