Time to Mend


prints 2

Skirt? h&m
Belt? Michael Kors, Winners
Tank? ?, Urban Outfitters
Sandals? Beach store
Claw and Rose necklace? gifted to myself from myself, Winners

Second time this week that my outfit plans were foiled. This time an essential button off these wicked Marni cropped khakis was missing... I'll fix it today. I really need to be more on top of my mending. Maybe I should institute Mending Mondays until the pile of clothes to be altered goes down to a reasonable height.

I've worn all these pieces before on the blog, but just a bit differently. I say more often that a particular outfit 'isn't me' and I don't think this is 'me' but who cares, what is 'my style' exactly anyways? As long as I'm having fun and no one's eyes are getting hurt... I think the biggest problem with this outfit is the pinkness of the skirt. I do like pink but I wore it sooo much in second year university (long time ago) that I'm still on a bit of a pink hangover. I had my favourite Roots pink and white Puma-esque runners, my big-a$$ pink pleather purse and this pink hoody jacket thing that I wore all the time. Once the low-lights in my hair turned out kinda deep purple/pink and I was the matching queen. I cringe a little now, I need to find pictures so you too, can join in the cringe fest...

Well, it's Friday!!! Enjoy your weekend! Hopefully, this thing called summer weather comes along soon! xo


briannelee said...

I really like the mix of prints!

Have a great weekend :)

Clare said...

I absolutely adore the leopard print with the floral pattern! This is a seriously awesome ensemble!

Linda said...

Sup yo?
I really like the shoes but I totally understand the whole Pink thing. I cant even look at Pink post it notes...

kirwin said...

I love this outfit -- the combination of leopard print and floral is fantastic. You pulled it off brilliantly!

Can I ask how you secured the braids in your hair? It looks so effortless, but what's the secret?

myedit said...

Kirwin-the secret is damaging your hair...haha. My hair is...um...slightly chemically damaged from taking it from very dark back to blonde so I don't comb my hair and the bobby pins just stick in and stay.

Sher said...

Hey if I wear something, then it's ME. If only for that day;) I love how you have an animal print mixed with florals. Bold move and a great one at that!

Milly said...

great pattern mixing (leopard & floral)..i wouldnt have thought of it, i have to try it...you look great