Pants? Philip Lim Tee? Gap (similar here or higher end 3/4 sleeve hereHeels? Aldo (here
Cuffs? Vintage, auction Clutch? Thrifted Sunglasses? Moschino (tortoiseshell  here) Earrings? Bebe

Yesterday, I had one of those frustrating days where I stared at my closet, threw up my hands and declared 'I have nothiiiing to wear!'. And it's a lie, I have a closet, a really large closet, full of options but I indulged in a little self pity and allowed myself to have a moment where I was convinced that nothing could possibly look right or fit... On the outside my tantrum probably looked like a five year old child who couldn't have the blue freezie. Which is ridiculous, if you know me, you know I believe everybody needs to man up and take the orange freezie when it is their turn. You can't have blue all the time...
Not sure how I segued this blog post into freezie talk, but I did. What I am saying is that I was whining and on the outside it's annoying but in that moment I wanted to stamp my feet and throw a tantrum worthy of a reality show.
You might think I succumbed to the feeling of having nothing to wear and raised a white flag in my track pants and a tee. But these track pants are pure luxurious wool and the tee has sequins. So it's like giving up but in an elegant way. I'm sure I can wear a dress again tomorrow. Tantrums can't last forever. That's what every Mom with a screaming child on the supermarket floor knows...


Ellen said...

those pants are fantastic! Sometimes the best outfits come out of "nothing to wear."


Sophie said...

I wouldn't mind only having that outfit to wear - you look fab!

kiley - a Sequin Dress at Breakfast said...

the look is perfection together! super cute + comfy - a win win!


Ladies in Navy said...

what great sleeves!
kw ladies in navy
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Unknown said...

Oh man, I totally have days like those. I adore those pants! They fit perfectly and they secretly look comfy but so stylish.


Jennifer said...

Great tee!
It says, "Hey, I'm casual, but I'm also fancy. But not too fancy, just fancy enough." lol

xo Jennifer


Unknown said...

Love these pants! And your "nothing to wear" outfit is perfect!


Gwen said...

Love the tantrum outfit! It's like something out of the J.Crew catalogue!

Leah said...

Everything can be made right with a little gold sequin. Love that location too.

Lora Conrad said...

If my fashion fits resulted in outfits as cool as this one I'd throw a tantrum every day.

Lexi said...

Even though I can 100% relate (I swear sometimes my closet hates me!) ... this outfit is fantastic!
xx lexi @ glitter, inc.

Lucy said...

I love the sequined sleeves--so fun!

I have actually been luxuriating in my clothing choices lately and really feeling the opposite of "I have nothing to wear." Not sure why I'm ion such an overly appreciative state right now, but I'll take it while it lasts!

Ally @ Fever Thrift said...

Haha I love that Gwen called it the Tantrum Outfit! Ditto everyone, though- I am really into your grey & gold combination and those pants are amazing.

Amanda @ Life with A.Co said...

I'm a BIG FAN of this top, and those earrings. Y. E. S.