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Shawl as dress? Gift from my in-laws Sandals? Asos (reddish, blue or white) Belt? Thrifted

So these sandals... they hardly seem to leave my feet lately. Plain, comfortable sandals are where it's at... and to think I just bought them as an afterthought.
You see, someone kindly gave me a gift certificate to Asos and I, of course, found a dress to buy. Because my heart belongs to Matt, the cats and dresses... With the money left on the giftcard I took a chance on these sandals. They seemed cute and they were on sale.
If I had been wise (or even just practical), I would have measured myself to figure out the size I needed to order for the dress but instead, I just figured I was about twice as big as the model wearing a size 4 and I ordered a size 8*. By now you know where this story is going... The dress arrived. It was far too small. But the sandals? They are awesome! If I could have anticipated their awesomeness I would have ordered another pair in the same colour. Instead I am left with a too small dress... and it was massively discounted so it's not even worth returning... It shall be passed on to a lucky friend, who is only allowed to wear it around me if I am wearing these sandals at the same time. That way I can have visual reminder of the silver lining on my dark cloud of dress purchasing foolishness...

*Or... I usually wear 8's so I was lazy and ordered 'the usual'...


Anonymous said...

asos has free shipping and returns! you could get another pair if you wanted


Brenhna said...

I've been reading and enjoying your blog for about 3 years! You just keep getting better.

Jenn H. said...

Yes, ASOS stuff seems to run small. I have to size up a lot. Unless it's their maternity - then it's hyoooge. Just FYI.

newpetite said...

You are ready to hit the beach my friend!! We call it Sarong :-)

A.Co said...

OMG Asos runs SO SMALL, don't even get me started. I knowwwww. That sucks about the dress, but great about the sandals.

I love how you made your shawl into a chic dress!! Well played, my friend, well played.

Jessica Gitler said...

love the shawl as a dress, it looks amazing!!!

Natasha Fatah said...

I've done that before too: re - not ordering the proper size from a retailer. I followed the measurements on their website, still didn't trust that they knew what they were talking about and assumed that I was far too massive to fit into the size they were telling me and then ended up with a dress that way too big. Now it sits in the closet mocking me. No belt is gonna fix it.

You look awesome!

~Natasha Fatah~

Starlit Nights said...

Those sandals are awesome! I wish they still had them in that pretty brown color you got. Great polish color, too! What is it?

Jennifer said...

Well your friend is going to get a lucky surprise haha Great sandals!

xo Jennifer


gleeps said...

Wow. Will you let us in on the secret of how you wrapped that shawl to look so amazing on you?
What are the shawl dimensions, so that I know what size shawl to look for? This is ingenious! Looks fab with your go-to sandals and loose hair!

Anonymous said...

Love this dress on you, super!


SHOEGAL said...

I don't know Canadian sizes but a US 8 is a UK 12. I think from what you've said previously you're about a UK 12. Next time.

Alexa said...

this dress is adorable <3 i really love it! the print is soo fun

Alexa <3

Maria said...

Hi, please see my new site. Check out my next before last entry there. If you think it's important, please pass it on.

myedit said...

gleeps- It's 58X43 and I wrapped it the long way around my body once with the ends towards the front. I just crossed the ends over and tied it behind my neck. Easy breezy!

myedit said...

SHOEGAL- The sizes were in Us sizes... But I have been tricked with the UK and Us difference before...haha 'why is this so tight!!???'