Dye or Hem


Dress? Gift from the local boutique White Elephant (they sell a selection online too and their stuff is top notch) Shoes? Ash (very similar here) Watch? c/o BCBG Wristlet? Thrifted

I was originally going to dye this dress navy blue and wear it as a bridesmaid's dress. Then the other bridesmaids went shopping individually and somehow ended up with very similar style dresses and this vintage dress suddenly looked a little out of place. For the wedding, I ended up wearing a navy Gap dress that was hanging in my closet, buying a new pair of shoes to keep things fresh (basically I just justified buying myself a new pair of shoes) and enjoying a great day with a lovely couple and a very fun wedding party.
Without the need to dye the dress for the wedding, I just put in a temporary hem. To be honest, for all my spoken bravado in my confidence to dye this dress, I was a little worried I would mess it up. It's one thing to do bleach experiments on a thrifted pair of h&m jeans but it is entirely something else to be messing around with good vintage, a tub of permanent dye and inexperience. I would be a total hypocrite after all my preaching about having respect for vintage, if I ruined the dress. Temporary hems are a guilt free way of altering vintage. I love the dress as a cream mini dress! Give me a hem and I'll raise it... That should be my motto. 


Bevin said...

Love the dress! The color as it is is great. It would work with boots for fall too, but I love how you've paired it with the burgundy here.

Shug in Boots {Beth} said...

I love the detail at the hem!

Consider Me Lovely said...

Such a lovely dress!! I think you should make the hem permanent :-).

Caramel Latte Kiss said...

The dress looks so cute this length! I can see it with boots, tights and a snuggly cardigan for the Autumn too.

briannelee said...

I love it and think it looks fab on you. I am glad you didn't try dyeing and possibly ruining it.

Krystin Lee said...

Love the dress - it's gorg
xo Krystin

The Merchant Project said...

I love a girl who makes it her own!

Melina said...

Jentine! I adore this dress. the lace details are so amazing and the length is perfect.

The Caffeinated Closet

newpetite said...

Thats a gorgeous dress!

Laura Tidwell said...

Amazing dress!! I wish I could find a gem like this while thrifting!


Jennifer said...

I would have voted for hem anyway ;)

xo Jennifer


Mary Lindsey said...

I am always a little reluctant to do any alterations on any article of clothing. I always feel like I will mess it up. This dress would look beautiful in navy though!

-Mary @ stylethatmoves.blogspot.com

Laura said...

Such a pretty dress! I love the hem, and I think that you should keep it white - the color is gorgeous! I also love that clutch; too cute!


Meredith said...

This dress is gorgeous! so glad you decided not to dye the dress. The cream color is gorgeous with the lace :)

Count To Four said...

love the dress, love the details at the bottom.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful dress and stunning accessories.


Kansas Couture said...

Gorgeous, Yen! The lace details are so very pretty. I'm glad you kept it white, and it's perfect as a mini.

Joanne M said...

LOVE this dress! you should dye it:)

Anonymous said...

Ssshhh don't publish this - I think the hem hits you in a bad spot.

Anja said...

loving the dress, please don't dye it! Please! It looks so pretty, but where was the original hem if I may ask. Maybe that version looks pretty as well?