Shorts? FCUK Shirt? Thrifted Sandals? Asos (brown, blue, white and red, size down, the leather stretches) 
 Coated Canvas Bag? c/o Olivia and Joy (here)

When the weather goes from hot to stupid hot (this last weekend), my ambition and my ability to get stuff done, dies pretty quickly. In order to feel accomplished, I mentally pat myself on the back for the little things.
'Yay, you thought about doing the laundry!'
'Good job of putting some avocado on crackers for dinner!'
'You got dressed! And it matches!'
This weekend, not only did I get dressed in a breezy outfit that I quite liked... I also did groceries. But that's only because the grocery store has that luxury we refer to as air conditioning.
And because I was running out of avocados.


Krystin Lee said...

cute outfit - love the pop of red!
xo Krystin

Unknown said...

Cute outfit! Avocadoes...yum! Pick up some mangoes while you're at it. Yum too.

emmy said...

I've been wondering this for a bit and I hope it doesn't come out offensive in any way-
Your tan is rocking! Is it natural? I'm a pasty pale girl myself and can't tan. I guess I'm hoping you found some awesome (non-smelly) fake tanner that you love and could share your secret! :)

SHUG IN BOOTS {Beth} said...

i love EVERYTHING about today's outfit. animal print, crisp white, pop of red, and the neutral sandals!

Jentine said...

Emmy- it is natural:( it has been sunny everyday this summer and I work outside so... The tan is on. I do sometimes use Nivea Summer Touch (?) to fill in my work boot tanlines. It smells a bit but it is comparatively quite good. Hope this helps!

Unknown said...

I love this!! Gorgeous!

Natasha Fatah said...

I love that animal print blouse!

~Natasha Fatah~
~Natasha Fatah~

Jennifer said...

Haha you're too funny!

xo Jennifer


Alexa said...

love that top <3 you are soo beautiful!

Alexa <3

gleeps said...

I love it that you love your new sandals so much! Keep wearing them! Great breezy outfit!

Frannie Pantz said...

I can totally hear ya. When a girl needs AC and avocados, a girl needs AC and avocados. I happen to love your loose blouse and that amazing bag! Well done. *high five!*

Life etc... said...

This cracks me up! But yes, it is the little things that count... :)

PS You are looking super tanned!

Life etc

Anonymous said...

Lovely legs!

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Leah said...

ahha you look pissed off at the heat in that first photo. Schmexy outfit.

Jamie said...

Haha the heat can definitely deflate motivation. This blouse is a fabulous print and I love the cut. Perfect with the white shorts! Hopefully it cools off so you can have a better dinner. :)

The Blue Hour

The Merchant Project said...

love that messy bun girl!

The Merchant Project said...

love that messy bun girl!

The Merchant Project said...

love that messy bun girl!

Melody said...

hahahahaha! Your posts always make me laugh! Love those white shorts.