Coat and Cape


Cape? Thrifted Coat? Thrifted Denim shirt? Vanilia (similar here) Jeans? 7 for all Mankind (here or these are even better here) Boots? Holt Renfrew Last Call (similar here)

In an attempt to get chronological again, I still have an outfit post from before I went to Texas... It was only last week that I wore this (I can date that based on my extreme roots situation, which works like carbon dating but much more accurate) but now it seems like a month ago. That's because last week wearing a cape over a coat was a clever way to keep out the chill and now that chill has been replaced by some sunshine and good vibes. I'm not complaining... though it will be sad to put my cape away for the season after I only just found it at the thrift store. 
What I am looking forward to most this spring is bare legs, sangria on the patio and adding more boxwood hedges to my front garden. What I am going to miss most about this winter is... well, nothing.

Also, I apologize for talking about the weather a lot, it's just been so crazy that it is messing with my mind...


Anonymous said...

These boots are so fab! You look lovely as always.


D said...

Sangria on the patio! Yes!

amanda said...

a cape over a coat??!! why didn't i think of that? brilliant.

Tori said...

Great cape!


Anonymous said...

Is that a shoe on the ground? I'm surprised it didn't make into your prose!

Jentine said...

Anon- That certainly is a shoe! Haha... What if it was my size? I actually need running shoes...

Thrifted Shift said...

Double coat! Great idea!

Estherina said...

Love the layering!

Step into Estherina's World

Diana said...

A chance to win a handmade necklace!



Please may I? said...

This is layering at its best! Love it.

X x

What Would a Nerd Wear said...

i for one can't get enough of talking about the weather. it's my northern-california roots. i grew up without weather of any kind (at 12, for 7 months i was sure the temperature gauge i had on my super cool sports backpack was broken. turns out it really is 65 every.single.day).
that cape is pretty cool, cool enough to make a girl wish for a few more nippy days just so she can take it out again.

Kara M said...

Sangria on the patio sounds fabulous! Weather in OK was so perfect yesterday that sat on our porch swing most of the evening! Warms my heart!

Love the cape!!

Sarah said...

Those boots are super sexy!

Jony said...

Love the cape a lot dear, your outfit is beautiful again.
Have a great weekend!

xo Jony
SHOUT-OUT to you

newpetite said...

Sangria on a nice and sunny day... Bliss!! Love the cape!!

his_girl_friday said...

Weather is a pretty big deal. Also: I love this outfit. It looks very chic on you.

Kirsten @ Triple Max Tons said...

Look at you work that cape, you supermodel!! I am a wee bit obsessed with this look.

Sara said...

I love talking about the weather, and I do it constantly! I think no matter what's going on, it's the one shared experience we all have. See, I'm still defending weather chat! Not just for small talk! Weather forever! Oh, and I love your outfit. :)

Jennifer said...

Amazing! And I love the denim shirt under with the camel color coat as well!

xo Jennifer


Lois said...

If you're Canadian, you have to talk about the weather. Especially after this winter!

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