Let Them Eat Cake


Pants? Gucci, Holt Refrew Last Call (similar here) Blazer? Ralph Lauren, thrifted Tank? Joe Fresh (similar striped here or solid here) Denim shirt? Vanilia (similar here) Shoes? Dumond Necklace? Thrifted Clutch? Thrifted

When I was younger, my mom would celebrate the arrival of spring by baking a cake on the day she saw the first flower of the year. This first flower would usually appear at the end of March and it often co-incided with her birthday week as well. That meant one week could contain both a birthday cake and a spring cake. For a child who grew up with very little sugar, two cakes in one week was an extraordinary series of events.
This year, thanks to a mild winter/global warming/the hub of loving warmth that surrounds our house, the first flowers appeared in our backyard at a really early date. I put a picture of it up on Instagram last week. My mom doesn't follow my Instagram (but you can... myeditblog...) so she might not yet know that it's cake time. 
Without a cake, I celebrated spring as a fashion blogger instead and exposed my ankles.

(And yes, I realize that we are not in the clear and there is still chance of a big snowstorm that will squash all my early spring dreams.)


That's My Mama said...

You look great! I love your necklace. Good luck on the cake :)

Secondhand Stella said...

I saw flowers peaking out of the ground a few weeks ago, but it snowed all weekend so now they are covered again. The next time I see one, though, I am totally treating myself to a cake.

Love your sparkly top with the gold necklace!

Please may I? said...

I too love the necklace, in fact I love the whole outfit!

X x

Please may I? said...

I too love the necklace, in fact I love the whole outfit!

X x

Andrea Clare said...

love the funky blazer!


The Suburb Experiment said...

I'm celebrating spring by exposing my toes to some sunlight. It feels so good!

The Suburb Experiment

Mary said...

Yep we definitely just had a snowstorm in Ohio! Though, I'm still celebrating spring by packing up my thick sweaters and bringing out the colors! I want to say that I have been following your blog for a couple months now, and you always make me laugh with your comments. Love what you do!

Thrifted or Scripted? said...

We have not been so lucky in Hamilton, New York USA: it's 15 F and snowed all weekend and not a flower in sight.
Love the necklace and the sequin shirt, the strips mirror the chop on the Lake Ontario (I'm assuming that's Ontario?).

Texy said...

What a wonderful tradition! And now I want to destroy a big ole piece of cake. I love those pants.

Unknown said...

Yum! That's such a neat idea. Now I really want some cake.

I'm loving your outfit by the way, especially your shirt.


amanda said...

you are so awesome. and i get to see you in four days :)

Kaylin Britta said...

I am so in love with those shoes... and cake, cake is good too.


Unknown said...

gorgeous outfit!

Virginie said...

Exposed ankles scream Spring! I can't wait for the snow to melt and the flowers to bloom (soon dear God pleaaase!).

Have a great week!!

Virginie ♥

Unknown said...

I like this. You're fancy and casual all at once and I'm mesmerized by the shoes.

Anonymous said...

I love how the denim and plaid toughens up the glitter. Perhaps you should bake a cake.

Nicole said...

great cut on the pants. super flattering. you look divine.

Swapaholics said...

We're so excited to see & swap with you next week at TxSC!! I love your outfit in this post. Especially the shoes!!
Also, don't forget to use the hashtag #SwapLulus - we want to see what you're bringing to swap (and wearing! :) plus Lulu's is picking one lucky blogger using the hashtag to win $100 to Lulus.com. Squee!

nancy @ adore to adorn said...

Cool look - I like the layering and the blazer especially!

Unknown said...

There are almost no words to say how much I love that necklace!!!! FAB! U! LUSSTTTT! ~Serene

WendyB said...

"I celebrated spring as a fashion blogger instead and exposed my ankles." -- ha ha! So cute. Don't catch a cold.

Anonymous said...

Your style is amazing. Thrifting is the key to finding timeless treasures! I would love for you to take a look at my blog and explore my fashion adventures as well.


Our Sophisticated Planet said...

Hehe. Love this cake idea, so very sweet. Also love the 'exposed ankles' with the vibrant trousers. Great coat, too!

Katie said...

Not super into the outfit at large (just not my style) but I love that blazer and your heels!