Jones New York , Winners
Sweater? Thrifted
Boots? Stuart Weitzman, Winners
Purse? Roots, bought with birthday GCs.

If I remember correctly, I saw the ombre trend on a In/Out list in a magazine and it was decidedly on the Out side of the column. Not that I care, a pretty skirt is a pretty skirt... besides this gives me another chance to prove my rebellious nature. And let me tell you exactly how much I of a rebel I can be... in my senior year of high school, the whole class decided to skip school on the final day and go to the beach. I finished up some student's council stuff in the morning and then called my Mom to ask if I could skip school in the afternoon. Pretty bad ass...

Who listens to those lists anyways? I officially declared Ugg boots out in 2004 and we all know how that went...


Is it bad that this is my favourite picture? I was trying to get all fancy for the pictures and I smoked my head off the beam... Matt caught the moment. Everytime I scroll up and see the picture, I have to giggle...


Stella said...

I quite like ombre and usually just have general disdain for fashion rules. If someone tells me not to it, that makes me want to do it more.

Clearly, I have issues.

But I digress: the skirt is gorgeous and I really like the sweater too.

Sarah said...

lmao....okay I only decided to put that since you actually wrote out laugh out loud on my comment. I'm pretty sure your the best BA of all BA's, me I didn't even skip, I asked my mom, she said yes, I felt cool, then went to school. I know not everyone can be as BA as me.

F said...

That skirt is so pretty. I love it with the boots.


FutureLint said...

I hate those lists, I don't care what they think is in or out, they are usually wrong! I love the beaded sweater and that last picture is hilarious!

Alessandra said...

I'm for rebels. skirt does look great on you.

last pic cracked me up, too.

Unknown said...

I love the ombre skirt! I think the shape is very flattering on you! And I say who cares to the rules - one of my favorite pairs of shoes is grey ombre and I wear them all the time. So rock on, rebellious one!

Small Time Style

Sydney said...

hahaha! You are too hilarious. Love this post and love this skirt! Way to be a rebel girl!

Anonymous said...

I have to say, you have fantastic hair. Would you mind doing a hair post? Is it fine? Your looks are always done but really undone and I would love to try to recreate. How is it cut/coloured, etc?
Lisa M

Morgan and Lua said...

mmhmm major rebel. I used to do the same things. Except I don't think I skipped because I had lacrosse practice and my coach would not have been happy.

I guess senior cut day transcends the Canadian/US border. It's the little things really.

What Would a Nerd Wear said...

um, that last picture you look a little like a fierce lion. it cracked me up. ah, the painful shoes and potential concussions we risk for good shots...

mitukatie said...

kudos to you for being able to wear a white horizontal strip across your stomach! flattering on you...really NOT flattering on the rest of us! :)

Amanda @ Life with A.Co said...

I think I probably declared Ugg boots out in '04 as well, but went on to buy a pair three years ago and am completely in love.. still. SHEESH.

You called your mom.. soooo cute.

A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

PS - BTW I was at Value Village today and can I just say I soooo agree with your last post?! I was agreeing when I was reading yesterday, just couldn't comment at the time (blocked at work). I went today and like, it's getting a little ridiculous.. and this IS something I noticed in the past... today I saw a George (yes, as in WALMART) faux fur crop jacket for $19.99. $19.99!!! C'MON! Pretty sure that jacket was that price NEW. BRUTAL.

LahTeaDah said...

Thanks to Kendi I discovered you yesterday while at work! LOVE YOUR SITE!

Adorable Outfit!!!!

Yours Truly

~ When Fashion and Tea Collide ~

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follow me: www.twitter.com/QueenEarlGrey
email me: lahteadahxoxo@gmail.com

Jen said...

That last photo is hilarious! And I absolutely adore the blue bag.

The Haute Road

melissa rose said...

you're SO badass! I think the student council thing sealed that for me for sure.
and that last picture is PRICELESS! lol

Shannon said...

You're so badass...seriously, I might pee my pants in terror if you ever get near me. Drug lords and biker dudes ain't got nothing on Jentine.

Haha seriously, though, I did almost the same thing...I went to half my classes on senior ditch day and then I left. To go to a dentist's appointment.

And your last picture is definitely the sexiest of them all. Hot stuff =]


Anonymous said...

I can almost hear your groan.


Keira Lennox said...

This post made me laugh out loud, because my friend and I asked our teacher if we could skip to go to lunch on my birthday our senior year. She said yes, and we felt pretty badass...

Emma at Daily Clothes Fix said...

Love your skirt. And that last photo is adorable. I'm sure I wouldn't be pulling such an attractive face if I had done that.

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C said...

Look atchu, one badass woman. And that last picture proves it. Rock and roll, Yen!

Oh, and the notches in the front of those boots are awesomesauce!

e. of academichic said...

I love the ombre skirt, and I ESPECIALLY love wearing summery cotton skirts with tights and boots. Now THAT's badassery!

- e

Nadine said...

The skirt is stunning!

Anonymous said...

the glossies need to publish out-takes like that last photo!

beautiful skirt, no matter what anyone says.

Linda W said...

If that is what a badass looks like, I want to be one!

The Auspicious Life

Jodi said...

super cute outfit... love the skirt!!

Elaine said...

You are SO bringing back the ombre trend by yourself. For sure. Be a rebel!


kelsey said...

your poses are always so fun. you should post a tutorial! :)

Laura said...

Uggs WERE out in 2004! I love the details of the sweater- great find!


Christen said...

You crack me up and I am TOTALLY still wearing ombre. I like it even more now that it's not trendy. Your skirt is so fun!

AsianCajuns (Cath) said...

I always feel like the writers of those in/out lists always run out of ideas. That skirt is gorgeous and you should definitely keep wearing it. Love the thrifted sweater. It's perfect for the holiday season.

Amanda @ Life with A.Co said...

J-do you have twitter?

Amanda @ Life with A.Co said...

PS - promise I'm not a creep.


20 YORK STREET said...

And then the fashion bibles also said Ombre was soo in and I rushed to my hair stylist for a make-over!

He looked at me and said - Over my dead body! Now looking at these photos, I should have just done it myself!


Come say Bonjour at:


WendyB said...

GORGEOUS skirt! Love!

Ana said...

That picture is awesome. I think I love you a little for posting it.

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

What a beautiful outfit!! I especially love all the colors of your skirt and all the beautiful details from your top!


Anonymous said...

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