Setting Sun





Leather jacket? thrifted
Sweater? Kenneth Cole, Winners
Sparkly pants? h&m
Boots? Nine West
Scarf? gifted
Hat? UO

I haven't really been dressing up lately. I've got plenty of excuses, don't we all...? I won't bore you with most of them, but I will admit to having spent a lot of time obsessing over the Olympics. It's hard to think creatively and make up interesting outfits when I'm using all my brain power to think of new Olympic sports that would allow me a chance to be an Olympic competitor. There is an nonathletic athlete within me that is yearning for a medal and some sponsorships. My 'cries of the day' have increased too, I'm such a sucker for the emotion of competition and every time that 'Believe' song comes on, I get all teary and embarrassed....

I wore this outfit a while ago before I became an emotional mess cheering on athletes from my couch. The pictures are a little soft-focused (ie. unfocused) in the setting of the sun but I like them anyways. Matt and I seem to be daylight chasers for our photography and sometimes we're a little late to get enough sun for a good shot. It's not my camera's fault, add a little flash and the picture is super sharp...see?


But the flash takes away the mood of the low light across the frozen bay, so we opted for pictures with natural light. It's a pity you can't see more clearly that I'm wearing ridiculously sparkly copper pants. I bought them cheap at h&m in a moment of bravado. I was worried I'd never wear them once I sobered up but lo and behold... The casual blacks and greys of the outfit help tone down the sparkle and despite the fact that they pinch a little (gotta get back to HipHop Abs...), I really like the pants.

The sweater was supposed to be my new 'wear with anything' sweater but it drives me nuts that the buttons seem to pull in an unflattering manner. Even worse, the sweater smells like wet wool. It's brand new and even after I washed it, it didn't help. Yes, I go out in a smelly sweater; I'm angry that I actually paid a decent price for the sweater so I wear it out of spite. My $2 hat from UO soothes my indignation at the sweater a little bit...


liz said...

Love it, I have a fedora too and never know what coat to wear it with, I like your take.

Little Miss Lee said...

I was coveting your hat all post then read that you got it for $2! What a FIND!

I actually read your "cry of the day" post to my boyfriend and he smiled. I (and he) truly understand. He calls it THE SAME THING!

Wish I had a solution to the smelly sweater...:( I am sure that no one else notices it!

Linda said...

Have you tried just putting dryers sheets in the sleeves and stuff?
I also cry over the athletes...whats wrong with us?

Celine said...

Haaaa you wear it out of spite. You tell that sweater! Love the hat and the scarf. So cute :)

C said...

Yes! <-- that was me yelling in agreement with the awesomeness of this outfit.

Love it all, and the low light, "soft focus" pictures are beautiful!

SWF_Terra said...

It's such a shame that the sweater, which looks amazing, is such a pain. But rest assured, you look great. We'll keep our distance. You know. Cause of the smell. :)

UO has the best hats. Got a derby there that I love.

Sabrina said...

the collar of your sweater is amazing!

you take the most wonderful pictures and capture the essence of the light and scenery beautifully.

I love the Olympics! The story segments that they come up with about the athletes always makes me tear :)

Secondhand Stella said...

Aw, that sux that it smells funny. You should have returned it.

I love your outfit. The hat and scarf add the perfect touches.

Danielle said...

That is one awesome sweater!

Sal said...

You were made for hats, lady. And they're great for hiding a few extra tissues for those unexpected cries.

Unknown said...

I've been a couch potato watching the Olympics and my blogging has suffered because of it.

You look so chic in that hat. And hopefully the winter blahs will go away soon.

Tabitha said...

That hat is fabulous and honestly in the dreaded winter it's hard to dress up everyday.

FutureLint said...

Yeah, I'm constantly weeping over the stories of the Olympics, I don't know what I'm gonna do when they end! I love this mix - so many great textures! When it gets a little warmer out, try hanging the sweater outside in the sun?

Julia said...

I love these photos! And that....frozen lake! Girl, that looks cold. But you look beautiful, even if you haven't been into dressing up. I know I've been wearing the same silhouette for weeks...or my whole life. Anyway, I love that hat and also the mood of these pictures.


Anonymous said...

I am having the worse time getting dressed too...it must be this time of year. That is sucky your sweater smells like wet wool, but you are rocking it. That hat is so fabulous too!

Chelsea said...

Ooooh the photos are lovely, despite the fuzziness. Totally artsy fartsy and I like it! And you are gifted at rocking sparkle unexpectedly... I love this whole outfit, but share your distaste for annoying/smelly clothes. Good on ya for wearing it anyway... you'll show that sweater!

What Would a Nerd Wear said...

ohh the sweater is awesome! and it looks so good in pictures who cares how it smells!

haute hardware said...

I love this combo! The scarf & hat are such perfect touches.

E said...

I hate how wool smells when it gets wet! But you look so beautiful in these sunset photos, nonetheless and I love your hat!

Kyla said...

These pictures are so impressionist-looking! I LOVE the hat and sweater. Everything looks so chic and cozy!

Your comment about people in your area not getting the Sart and LB style was right on. I told John when I got home that I felt like a lot of people were horrified by my pleated pants. I guess I just don't care anymore to notice :)

Christen said...

That first picture is really beautiful. And I LOVE this hat on you. Really, LOVE it!

Ari said...

Very different, I love how you mix the flashyness of the leggings with the coziness of the sweater

my healthy twist said...

I love this outfit, fedoras are always fab, and pretty scarf!

Unknown said...

I usually only lurk, but I saw these photos of Rachel Bilson... isn't she wearing your dream coat?

(http://community.livejournal.com/ohnotheydidnt/44396193.html#cutid1 )

myedit said...

Patricia- She is indeed! I heard that the jacket wasn't going to be produced but there she is ... all cute and priviledged, wearing my damn jacket and engaged to a pretty Canadian actor. Grrr... I need to get my people to get me one of those jackets... too bad I don't have people.
Thanks for the link. I'm going to go sulk.

Ela said...

Love the hat. $2? OK, you are ridiculously good at scoring deals.
Too bad about the smelly sweater. That's happened to me with a wool sweater coat I thrifted but it went away after 2 wears. Maybe you could air it out in your garage or something...

Linda said...

No just any Canadian actor...she's engaged to DARTH VADER! No worries she will probably tire of it in half an hour and then maybe it will somehow find you whilst thrifting??

HA! Who am I kidding, get your mamma to start knitting!

Raquelita said...

I love that scarf and fedora together!

When are you going to change your comments form to a pop-up instead of embedded so I don't have to steal M.'s laptop in order to comment?

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

I love that scarf to pieces!

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