The Hit List

Oh boy! What a self-indulgent post... a post of my favourite outfits from the last year. I had a lot of fun choosing my favourites, and it made me appreciate my closet. I'm not ashamed to say that I really like my clothes, sometimes I lack basics because I spend a lot of time in my quest for the unique, but I'm a happy kid when I get to play dress up in my closet.
Someone commented on my last post (thank-you everyone for your response, I felt very popular...oh crap, that's NOT what it's about! Right? Right.) that one of the nice things about fashion blogging is the aspect of documenting what you are wearing. It's really interesting to see your style grow and your tastes change as you look back through the archives. I REALLY wish I was documenting what I was wearing through highschool and university... not so much to see my style progression but more to share a laugh with you. I thought I was pretty cool in highschool in my beloved l.e.i. jeans, 3/4 sleeve shirt and Steve Madden purse strapped across my body (I promise I did not do that to make my chest look...um..big, it was just the way the girls wore their purses). A step up (I hope) from my highschool look are my last year's top 12 looks (1 per month-ish but really, it was hard to choose). Enjoy!


Pink Tartan skirt and Derek Lam heels. I could fire people in this look; I felt so prefessional. A bit too bad about the fuzzy pic, I think this was the old camera or maybe, I did a bad edit job...


Thrifted jacket and 'I fell down a hill, true story' jeans. Pre-My Edit, I would have simply pet this jacket at the thrift store and carried on. Now, I bought it, wore it in public and loved it.


Emanual Ungaro skirt and Jeffrey Campbell heels. I don't know what I was happier about. Thrifting the Ungaro for $6 or finding a blue wall that was the PERFECT colour wheel compliment.


Everything thrifted except the shoes. I have no idea where I came up with the idea for this outfit but it really works. I think this outfit deserves a re-wear because I only wore this outfit for about 2 hours for church. I had gotten stung by bees (8 on the face!) two days prior and my face was swollen and I felt sick, so I went to bed. Not a great day but the outfit was good.


Sequined skirt and plain tee. I love this outfit. The skirt was a truly lucky find that fit me perfectly (no room for donuts though) and anything more than a scoop neck tee would have been overkill. Happy memories with this skirt because my whole family was in Holland for my brother's wedding.


Thifted Lida Baday maxi dress and Zara sweatshirt. You know how you go on vacation and you've got all your outfits planned but then weather, walking and weariness mess with those plans? Yup. This picture was from Paris. The cold had already squashed many pretty dress plans but I was determined to be a chic tourist so I wore my Lida Biday. I was freezing within an hour and bought this Zara sweater because it was the cheapest thing there. Belted over the dress, the sweater actually looked good. Surprise!


Sample DKNY dress and Derek Lam shoes. I liked this outfit and I felt pretty. But the sun coming through the flowers and the vines in the picture gave this look a magic quality. It's a pity I can't walk around with perfect lighting and pretty backgrounds all day. 'Make room in the elavator for my vine covered trellis that matches my dress, dammit!'


Roanik jacket and fake hair. The jacket I got at about 95% off, it cost less than that big blob of fake hair untop of my head. Together, fake hair and shiny jackets look good.


Mom's sweater and Nine west boots. A very casual look for me. Brave because I wore this in November. I've always borrowed this sweater from my mom and she finally officially gave it to me. Now, she's not allowed to have it back unless she's fixing the holes in it for me.


Thrifted pleat-front pants and hat. Another look I wouldn't even have considered if I hadn't started taking chances (admit it, you think that Celine Dion song is good...) because of the blog. Cuffed pleat-front pants, heels, a leather bomber and a jaunty hat suddenly make sense.


Vintage everything, except those overused Derek Lam shoes again. Worn New Year's Eve. All this vintage is a good omen of good thrifting for 2010.


Thrifted jacket and Zara jeans. It's Canada and it's cold. Gotta bring your A-game all 12 months, even when you can't feel your face. I may not be able to feel it but I know I'm smiling because... my coat is ugly-awesome.

Holy long post again...
#1. What was your favourite look?
#2. Can you see my slight boot tan in the summer pictures? Sad but true story of my life...


Sidewalk Chalk said...

Congrats on one year -- these are some marvelous looks. I especially love your sequined jacket, your sequined skirt, the Roanik jacket and that amazing Ungaro skirt -- I still can't believe you found it for $6. :)

- JoAnn, Sidewalk Chalk

Liz said...

Lovely! 1,2,3, and 8! Are my favorite! I'm excited to build more of archive to see how my style evolves :)

Anonymous said...

I love them ALL, but #2 is the reason I went on a crazy man (or in this case jacket) hunt to find something exactly like it...finally found one on Ebay for $12. Got to love Ebay!

Congratulations on your 1 year!!



Nadine said...

Fave outfit ever is easily the green dress with all the sparkly brooches on it and the tights and boots. Other faves include the giant grey fluffy cardi with blue check shirt, and the hydrangea headpiece with red check shirt and leather jacket. From this list, I love the sequin jacket with torn jeans, and the hair-do in the vine-covered trellis shot is also extra-gorgeous.

lisahannam said...

The ones I like I chose because I can see myself wearing them. I love crisp, tailored edges. So I love:
Pink Tartan skirt...
Everything thrifted...
Roanik jacket...

And of course your Milli skirt. You're right about the service there. Emily always treats me right, whether I'm buying my Lida Baday jacket or my Teenflo trousers.

Congrats on your blogversary.

Fabulocity in Amish Country said...

Oh my gosh... I'm so jealous of all of your amazing thrift store finds!! Your style is fantastic...... :) Love all of these outfits!

anne charlotte said...

LOVE the sequin jacket + distressed jeans, LOVE the blue wall coral skirt. however, these are all amazing.

and yeah...everybody sings that celine dion song, with passion, when alone in the car. or i guess at least me??

Kristie said...

I love your #2 look with the thrifted jacket! So elegant, yet edgy too with the grey tee and jeans! You've got fabulous style girl!

Ash said...

I really tried to decide which I liked best but I do love them all!! The maxi dress in Paris outfit and the Sequined colorful jacket and the shorts in the fall ALL get an extra point though!


Fell 4 Fashion said...

GREAT picks. My FAVE is the paris look! The sweatshirt belted over the dress, so chic :)

Clare said...

Yep, these are AWESOME!! I love your year, and can't wait to see the stunners you'll come up with next year.

ShyGirl said...

What a great year of style!! You put together such creative and fabulous outfits! My faves are 1, 3, 4, and 8.

E said...

How did I someone miss that magnificent sequin long skirt in your posts??? That's like Matthew Williamson magic! And my husband wants to know what's the story with the Holsteins (he's got a dairy background).

Anonymous said...

1. I love the Ungaro skirt. I can't believe you bought it for $6 -- that is sooo lucky! And, yes, finding that shade of blue for the pic was another lucky find.

2. Your tan line did show but I didn't notice it until you pointed it out. :)

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my gosh. I love your favorite outfits from the year. I thought the picture in the very beginning in your outfit you could fire people in was awesome! Sometimes a little texture is perfect! : ) Visiting from God's favorite shoes today! Nice to meet you

Julia said...

WOW, these are GORGEOUS. I love every one, but the sequin skirt and the Ungaro skirts are my very favorites. So beautiful!!!


Annachiara said...

wowwww....you're super favolous...fantastic!!!looove all your outfits!!!! looove your style!!!! :D

Lisa said...

these are great picks! I love them all, but especially #3 and #8. the ungaro skirt and the campbell heels are just perfect!!

Meli22 said...

#3 & #4 are my favorites ;)

Lovely post! Thanks for doing this for us! :D

Jennifer said...

This is a pretty amazing set out outfits! I feel head over heels when you wore that beaded jacket with the jeans. It is AMAZING!!!

I also love love love the ungaro outfit- so classic and beautiful and then the jean shorts and chucky sweater- perfect!

Congrats on an excellent year of blogging. I look forward to continue reading!!!

DEA said...

Umm, beware that what I am about to say is not for boosting your ego: I love everyone on of these outfits, they drive me B-A-N-A-N-A-S !!!
Especially the following: #1 for the beautiful skirt, #2 for the cardi and because you look like Jessica Alba with the hair, #3 for the whole combo, especially the price of the skirt, #4 for the belted ruffled skirt (I love skirts), #5 for the cows in the pic and can't even say enough about the skirt, and #6 because you're in Paris looking fab!
Whew, that was long but worth it! Happy 1-year anniversary.


Christina said...

I love all of these looks. Just amazing!

Celine said...

I 100% agree with your choices - and you have now given me about 5 things that I have to stalk and buy. Haha. You're one chic lady :)


SWF_Terra said...

Love them all. The first 5 are nearly impossible to choose between. But that sequined skirt is ridiculously stunning.

briannelee said...

Oooooo, I love all of these outfits!!!! Very hard, but if I had to pick my absolute fav, I think it would be the orange skirt and white top. It is so simple yet so stylish.

Diya said...

wow. those are all amazing outfits.

btw I would love it if you stopped by my new blog

Academichic said...

These are all soooo good! I remember so many from your first posting of them and how I loved them then - this list truly captures how wonderful your sense of style is!

And I totally had to laugh and scroll back to look for your boot tan! The story of my life too - I have running sock and sports bra tan all summer, ugh! S

Sal said...

Love 'em ALL, but the sequin blazer and skirt outfits are my faves. Shiiiiiny.

Jilliebeanie said...

1. Wow. All of these are completely fabulous. Oddly, I'm going to say your Lida Baday look is my favorite. Long skirts aren't usually my cup of tea, but I think this looks effortlessly amazing and chic. Like, I want to copy this look NOW.

2. Didn't notice the boot tan. :)

Simmsie said...

I love all these looks. My favorite is Emanual Ungaro skirt and Jeffrey Campbell heels. I love that skirt so much. It's so fun and cute.


Kyla said...

You have such an amazing style, lady! I'm completely head over heels for the long skirt looks - especially the striped one! I have a dress like that that I made a couple of year ago and put this picture in my inspiration folder to remind me about it once it gets warm out.

C said...

ooooo, hard to decide! Methinks #3 and #4 take the cake though... I never would've thought a tailored button down would look so darling with a floufy skirt, but you have opened my eyes! Love love love it :)


Anonymous said...

Congrats on one year of style blogging! It's so difficult to pick a favorite - the first one is a favorite, as is the sequin skirt... and the sequin jacket...

Can't wait to see your style throughout your second year of blogging!

Alex said...

It doesn't seem to be a favourite with some of the other commenters but I think the sweater, shorts and boots look is utterly fantastic.

Eyeliah said...

I like self indulgence ;-)

gina said...

Great looks and lovely photographs. Congrats on a year of blogging!

H to the izzo said...

I covet, COVET that sequined jacket so so much. I wish I could find one that fit that well. I am a sucker for sequins.

Christen said...

Absolutely ADORE this re-cap and I fell in love with many of my favorites again! By the way, if you ever feel like giving that sequined jacket in the second picture a new home, I have a hanger in my closet that would be a perfect fit! :)

P.S. I ADORED your "sexy bitch" comment on my pajama post. Made me laugh and actually feel like a "sexy bitch!" Thanks :)

Daphne said...

The third outfit is PERFECT. Adore everything about that look.

piglet said...

My goodness you have some amazing looks!
the one with the cream dress and the flowers in your hair is my favourite!

anna said...

#3 is my favorite. 1, 2, and 7 are runners up though. it was a pretty year!!

sam said...

Im from Hamilton, Ontario too and I've got a couple favourite thrift stores (Deja Vu, Out of the Past), but I never seem to find stuff like you do. Can you spill your secrets and tell me which thrift stores you go to?

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

All I have to say is that I am SO happy to have found your blog, you have STUNNING style!


sharonlei said...

You have such an amazing wardrobe!! Everything is unique and I love it!! :) Thanks for inspiring.. so glad I found your blog.

xx Love & Aloha

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