The Art of Coat Accumulation

Top: Coat? Vintage Pierre Cardin (in my Etsy shop hereBoots? Holt Renfrew Hat? Delux 
Bottom: Coat? 1960's pink suit jacket Leather pants? Vince (consigned pair hereShoes? Guess, thrifted
Clutch? Similar here

I met Claire Dam a few winters back when we both helped out at Help Portrait.  I pretended to be a make-up artist and she did not have to pretend to be an awesome photographer (seriously, look at this loveliness... all the heart eyed emoticons).
It's kinda funny that we only met two winters ago because when we started to play Dutch bingo or even Hamilton bingo, it was pretty obvious that we all know the same people. Apparently Hamilton has over half a million residents but sometimes it seems like a small town...
But it does not matter that her third cousin's neighbour's ex-best friend is my husband's aunt's neighbourhood mail carrier, what matters is how it's kinda an honour to do a creative shoot with Claire. I wanted to do a really classic (and almost a bit of a throw back?), light hearted editorial against a crisp white wall, featuring the unsung heroes of the Canadian winter and Claire was right on board. And if you are thinking that snow blowers are the unsung heroes, you would be wrong. I'm talking about vintage coats. Fashionable and functional; which is more than snow blowers will ever be.

My vintage coat collection is getting a little ridiculous these days. I try to stick to the one in and one out rule or I sell them to my friend Michelle because I know I can borrow them back from her (strong business tactic... I'll borrow this red dress back too) but the number still seems to grow. And I can't even apologize because being warm and fabulous at the same time is a rare feat for fashion bloggers. 
The Hudson's Bay coat with the Canada geese is already sold but I guess my next life challenge will be not keeping that leopard trimmed Pierre Cardin princess coat... 

And if you wanna see a few more pictures (more? Yes, even more... ha) click over to Merl's page where I blather on some more about the superiority of vintage coats. Riveting stuff, I promise!

Top: Coat? Vintage Fox Fur Jeans? h&m, thrifted and destroyed Mickey tee? Winners (similar here)
Bottom: Coat? Vintage HBC (sold) Headband? Dessert 4 Breakfast (I have a few left on my Etsy) Sweater? Vintage Scarf? h&m  (similar hereBoots? c/o Le Canadienne


Kinsey Couturier said...

I love all of these!

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Oooh, I love that pink suit jacket! I also love having a coat wardrobe...I couldn't imagine going through winter with a single coat!

Andrea Kerbuski said...

these coats are amazing and I love all the photos..I need to do the same rule of one in, one out--I just love coats so much! I especially love how you styled the fur/faux fur with jeans and a tee. My favorite.

The Suburb Experiment said...

I've been acquiring a huge coat wardrobe as well. At least we live somewhere where it makes sense!

Anonymous said...

One can NEVER have too many coats. Even in Texas where our winters are usually mild. Love them all. Really digging the hot pink one.


Anonymous said...

One thing I learned about vintage coats though: You kind of need the vintage gloves with the long arm-parts, because often the arms are rather short ...do you sell those, by the way?

DressUpNotDown said...

I have such a weakness for vintage Winter coats too! But you live in Canada...I live in the middle of Texas. (Not the part with the colder Winter.) My solution to getting to wear my coats more often? Dress much lighter underneath. :o)


Girl and the Polka Dot said...

Love all the coats! Too cute


E said...

I want that little red one so much it hurts!!

Vivi N. said...

Your vintage coat collection is insane to the membrane! I can't even pick a favorite - all of them are so cute.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one with a ridiculous coat collection. Just this week, more than one of my co-workers commented that I have a lot of coats. But how can i say no to fabulous coats under $30 from the thrift store that weren't made in sweat shops??

Vanessa said...

Oh my golly-gosh how stunning! The weather is sweltering here in Australia but your amazing coat collection has me hankering for winter so that I can pull out my own array of vintage coats. That leopard-trimmed princess coat is the best of the bunch, in my opinion!

Rebecca Cross said...

Those are really nice selections. I bet there's more than a few buyers lined up for those. You better hit the books and keep tab on all the buying and selling, which I'm sure is just about to hit fever pitch. Thanks for sharing that! I wish your business success!

Rebecca Cross @ ADVBAC

Laura Whitman said...

That last coat is perfection!


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Anonymous said...

what's great is that i read this first as the art of cat accumulation...

myedit said...

Anon- that would be even better! I wish;)

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Tiffany Ima said...

That cream cute is the best!

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