Vest? Vintage Boots? Holt Renfrew (Target has a wallet friendly version here) 
Clutch? h&m Cuffs? Unikati (here)

So far January is predicted to be really busy with a chance of being really, really busy. Usually January is pretty slow and we kinda hibernate along with all the bears we have up here in Ontario... Joking, not sure we have bears in Ontario at all. Hibernating sounds lovely though, especially with the cold snaps we keep getting. Minimal snow, maximal cold is what is up right now...
I guess the only reason I am telling you that our January is busy is because I am super impressed that I got this post up in a timely manner and I am currently accepting high fives in virtual form. I will also accept high fives for posing in the cold. Almost 6 years of blogging (so much time happily wasted...) and I still have to delete 95% of my pictures in the cold because my face is stuck in some grimace. Worth it though. Especially for those virtual high fives. 


Frannie Pantz said...

*Virtual high five* I'm only on my fourth year of blogging and I always forget how much I hate taking OOTD pictures in the cold. I think I might have a serious disorder. Oh well. At least we're not alone, eh? I love the vest! Good luck with your busy January!

Anonymous said...

Virtual high five from Ottawa :) Regardless of when it is uploaded, I love seeing a new post from you! Lovin the boots.

Anonymous said...

Love that vest! Great look!


Sheila said...

Happy 6 years of blogging, Yen! I think I've been reading you that whole time (I'm coming up on 7 years, myself).

Love those cuffs! Sending you warm thoughts from the West Coast BC!

By The Shore, Life + Style said...

Definitely sending you virtual high fives, and yes, those cold days + blogging, oh man!! Looking lovely as ever Yen, that vest is SO fantastic!! xo V

Danielle Wallace said...

You never cease to amaze me at how you can make vintage look SO good and so now! Also, I just realized that you look like Katherine Heigl.

Lydia Holden said...

Congratulations, this outfit is just for you - very elegant and sexy! The most I like your black boots!
Nice and Clean Sutton

DressUpNotDown said...

High Five from Texas...I would've burned up in your outfit today, I think we had a high of 60*F. I totally wish I COULD wear a fuzzy vest and boots...maybe next week. :o)


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