Blazer? Thrifted Silk tank? Thrifted Necklace? Random boutique 
Shorts? old as hills H&M Shoes? DvF

Julie was right when she pointed out that naming posts is the worst. Maybe the first year of blogging I had good titles (debatable...) but after that it just dove into bad puns and obvious choices.
The worst is when I wear a suit because all I can ever think of is Barney Stinson saying 'Suit Up!'. And that's not suitable... See what I did there? I made you groan.
But seriously, I thought I would have a few months off of thinking of what to name my posts when I wear a suit but I don't. Because I discovered how awesome short suits are! It is now officially my mission to find red shorts so I can recreate this outfit for the summer. It is also my mission to think of better blog titles. Or to get a high school student looking for their mandatory volunteer hours to think of some. Or just accept that sometimes blog titles are awful... and that is going to have to be OK.


Anonymous said...

You nailed the shorts suit trend! Love the contrasting bright green. And I'm with you too, coming up with quirky titles gets more and more difficult through the years on the blog, I confess I always go for the obvious but sometimes I wish I had better ideas. Anyways you looked amazing, hope you succeed in your mission to find the red shorts, cause that look will be amazing!

Cee. ♥
Code Overdressed

Ladies in Navy said...

loving the top and your gorgeous green top!
kw, ladies in navy
jewelry giveaway!

KDot said...

I agree, post titles are hard! if I'm really stuck, I 'll just use the name of whatever song I last heard.

Jenn said...

I've started a little blog challenge and had a very happy moment where I realized that I wouldn't have to think of post titles for a while.


New Petite said...

Oohhh... I remember that top! Love the short suit!

Kastles said...

I have a confession, when I first glanced at the title, I thought it said "titless" hahaha
Titles are hard, I usually go with cheesy or super literal.
Adore this look! That green is amazing on you & your legs look killer!
<3 Kastles

Laura said...

I am loving this short suit - probably the best idea, ever! Also, thank tank is kind of amazing. Such an amazing color!


Jennifer said...

The worst part about blogging is naming the post!

xo Jennifer


Anne Hill said...

haha i think if everyone in the blogging world just accepts that naming a post is the worst then we can all be ok with the horrible titles

Anonymous said...

Maybe this helps? I don't really check your title, I scroll right down to the pictures.... so don't freak yourself out about it, use your time wisely....go thrifting.
Cheers, Katrin

Rebecca Jane said...

I know, naming posts is the worst, I always feel my most uncreative when trying to come up with them.

Otherwise, that green top is a gorgeous colour on you!

Lucy said...

Ohhh, I do love a good shorts suit. You look splendid!

Linda said...

I never know what to title a post until about 30 seconds before I publish. I think you should create a random Title-Generating app. Then you'll be rich and you'll summer in Texas all the time!

On an unrelated note, I am offended because the captcha that popped up for me says "distressed". I thought we were friends! :o)