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Crop bolero? Vintage, borrowed from White Elephant Culottes? Vintage, Netty Vintage 
Shoes? DvF (similar here)
On Julie: Dress? Vintage, borrowed from White Elephant (here) Necklace? Clyde's Rebirth (here)
Shoes? Sixty Seven (here)

I'm into crop tops again. The last time I was into crop tops, I was in high school. It was the late 90's, and I was heavily influenced by Britney Spears's style leanings. Don't deny it, we all loved our low rise jeans and those little tee shirts with happy faces, dragons and/or witty sayings. I would bend over and half my bottom (such a mom word right there...) would show and my mom would remark on it and I would respond that it really wasn't my fault because I was soooo tall and no shirts could ever possibly cover my torso. And then, in a moment of teenage anger at my parents, I would pierce my belly button, and afraid of getting caught, I suddenly found longer shirts. That was the end of the crop top for me.
This time around, I like my crop tops with zero happy faces on them and I wear them with anything high waisted. It's much more... demure? Also more flattering, low rise jeans are nobody's friend. 
In other news, I'm not hiding piercings from my parents any more. Adult life is happening. 

P.S. Thanks to my bro Henk and to Julie for the pics. If I hadn't gone on about crop tops in this post, I would have yammered on, once again, about how awesome vintage is... Because really...


Anonymous said...

Yikes! Not so much a fan of the crop.

Anonymous said...

LOVE! The crop is so chic and mixes well with the midi skirt! Well styled!!

megannielsen said...

okay so not only do i love you for wearing crop tops again - but dude those are culottes!!! YES! here i was thinking i was the only one in love with the crop+culottes combo. Adding to reasons i love you :)

Veronika Novotny said...

Aw. Beeeeautiful, Yen! You look awesome. Adore the whole crop top look, and agreed, it's so lovely when paired with a high waisted skirt or pant. Hope your Monday is off to a great start! xo

Sophie said...

Crop tops are so much better this time around eh? I feel so old remembering a trend when it came around the first time!

Jenn said...

I never stopped loving crop tops!
But in the 50's way, not the late 90s way. I *cringe* so hard at pictures of the low rise/short tee trend - not only outdated but it SERIOUSLY did weird things to the body. Like, really long torso wee little legs.

Ladies in Navy said...

love your pretty top!
kw, ladies in navy
jewelry giveaway!

Unknown said...

I love it! You're wearing my favorite combo of the moment...cropped tops and midi skirts! I've mentioned that combo on my blog a few times...but have yet to wear it...I'm not quite sure where/when it would be appropriate for a stay at home mom to wear a cropped top...I'm in serious need of a date night or girls night out...cuz I don't think it'll fly at play group!! haha
So instead I just sit here and stare at your pictures in envy!!!

Jennifer said...

That first photo is adorable!
I like your crop top!

xo Jennifer

Terri said...

You look so cute! If you've got the stomach (or lack thereof) to pull of crop tops, go for it! The high-waisted skirt keeps it from being trash. I cannot get over how amazing those heels are!

Unknown said...

You are wearing that crop top so well! Loving it - especially with that skirt. Also, those shoes are absolutely wonderful! Loving the vintage bff post. :)


Unknown said...

You can wear anything and look fabulous in it!! Love the first pic!

Leah said...

I'm loving the crop top on other people, but haven't quite gotten the courage yet to try it myself. And, you and Julie are just way too cute.