Cap Off


Minnie shirt? Old Navy (here) Pants? Maison Scotch (amazing pair with suspenders here)
Shoes? Ralph Lauren (here) Sunglasses? Moschino|(here) Cap? Random Bag? Russell Gibbs (here

I felt pretty cool in this outfit. Wasn't sure if I was cooler wearing the hat forwards or backwards though... I asked Matt and he (side note: he likes a baseball cap in general...) said he liked the hat backwards better. Then he ruined it by saying I looked like a cute skater girl. Jentine in Grade 11 would have thought that was the ultimate compliment; afterall, all the cool kids (most importantly the cute guys) were skaters. But being a skater involves balance on moving objects and that immediately excludes me from ever being an authentic skater girl. The worst part is that when Matt said the words 'skater girl' I was immediately stuck with Avril Lavigne in my head for the rest of the day... And now I can only hope you have Sk8er Boi stuck in your head too... 
We can suffer together.


Also... talking about yourself being cool is always going to turn around and bite you in the butt... Because while I have my serious pose game going,  I never noticed I still had the 'M' sticker across my chest on my brand new tee. Which meant I was rocking that all day... 


Kimiko said...

I think, subconsciously, you wanted everyone to know M was for Minnie... just sayin.

Ladies in Navy said...

i really love the vest and tee!
kw ladies in navy

Asher said...

Those pants are so cute!!

Jessica said...

The color of your lipstick is really great, perfectly bold and matte. Any chance you could post what brand/shade it is?

MisisD said...

I was thinking the same thing, Kimiko. :) I'm loving the lip color too. You look super cute!

Jennifer said...

Kind of obsessing over your pants!

xo Jennifer


Melissa said...

I just heard Skater Boy on my way home.........You look much cooler than Avril ever did!

Andi said...

And now I will suffer with Sk8r Boi stuck in my head all day. My main concern is that Avril is still singing songs about being a teenager, and I'm pretty sure she's almost 30.

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Aw Yen, Minnie is out of stock. And you lookin' so dang cute, um I mean cool, in this outfit. While on the Old Navy page, I checked out the girls graphic tees and there is an awesome patchwork cat that I discovered I needed. It's funny, I bought a Peace Out graphic tee at VV yesterday, and I don't think I've owned a graphic tee, um like ever. Me thinks I'm trying to emulate you.

Sue xo

briannelee said...

Loving your sunglasses!

Elaine Hearn said...

um I LOVE this outfit. I need a minnie shirt!!! and green skinny cargos! and a cap.. just give me this whole outfit.

Anonymous said...

How fun is this? You totally nailed the sporty chic plus the comic trends all at once and so in style!

Cee. ♥
Code Overdressed

newpetite said...

LOL! Love the bright lip color here!

DressUpNotDown said...

I am imagining a heart suntanned in between your eyes after wearing those awesome sunglasses all day. Not the pair to wear to the beach I'm thinking. :o)

I too am curious about that vibrant lip color.

Thanks for keeping it real by sharing the M sticker goof, after all that IS how you wore the outfit. :o)


Andrea Kerbuski said...

You look SO fly. I want those pants and I hope I can soon find a baseball cap large enough to fit my head and hair so I can rock it like you. Haha at sticker on your tee hahahha

Laura said...

Oh gosh, Sk8rboi. So stuck in my head now.

You look great! I'm loving that tee.