Archives and Coloured Tights

Dress? Vintage c/o White Elephant Tights? ? (similar here)  Jacket? Costa Blanca (similar real and faux 
Purse? Vintage, Modify Your Closet (some similar purses on Etsy here and here... so pretty!)
Beanie? Roots (in red or stripedBoots? Aldo

I made a big deal about it; the fact that I am wearing coloured tights. I think this has only happened twice (here and here) before on the blog. The wearing coloured tights part, not the making a big to-do about nothing part... That part I have on lock down.
But after all the fuss I made, the tights don't even look so bold in these pictures at all.
That's probably because my camera is a jerk on cloudy days. Or because I am overly dramatic about wearing a relatively tame pair of wine coloured tights.

I've had this blog for almost for 4 years now. Many things have changed but me whining about my fear of coloured tights has stayed consistent. I ended up scrolling through my older archives to find more evidence of tights whining but instead I got distracted by how adorable Matt is in this wooly sweater I thrifted him, how much I randomly love this outfit and how I pretended to do a giveaway once with one of my cats as the prize.

Oh embarrassing archives... I forgot how entertaining you could be. 


Jessica Gitler said...

I am quite afraid of colored tights too ... I feel ya!! you look wonderful in this outfit!!

Chelseabird said...

I'm totally digging the wine colored tights + white dress + boots in the snow combination! You look lovely!

Jennifer said...

I think burgundy tights are the only colored tights I would venture out and wear haha

xo Jennifer


FutureLint said...

I love the mix of leather, knits, and lace here! I'd totally try to steal your purse if I ever saw you, which probably wouldn't work because I imagine if you swung it around it could also turn into quite an effective weapon!

cake said...

colored tights & a heart on fire clutch!!! double YES!!

xo. c & v
cake & valley

Leah said...

The tights look hot. I love looking through my archives and seeing what I used to post about and think was cool...lol

amanda said...

i have large calf muscles. i look laughable in colored tights. you look amazing. as always :)

newpetite said...

Ive only done black, dark blue and brown tights till date.. The wine color looks so good on you.

Terri said...

Dude, I wear black and brown tights on the regular. I practically declared a federal holiday when I wore some burgundy tights (similar to yours, a little more red). I don't have the style guts to go much crazier beyond that.


Caitlin Wilson said...

The archives can treat you so well, and then sometimes they just remind of you bad fashion moments. I'm speaking from personal experience, of course, because you don't have bad fashion moments! You always look fab.

Laura said...

I think you can pull off the colored tights pretty well, especially this gorgeous wine color. Also, that purse again? So swooning!


Krystin Lee said...

those tights are rockin with that outfit, girl!
xo krystin

DressUpNotDown said...

It makes me laugh that the same girl who wears "casual sequins" feels that colored tights are weird. :o) So glad you ventured out in them though, it is a great outfit!

Sheila said...

Congrats on four years, Jen! I think I've been reading you nearly from the beginning (I'm coming up on 5 years, yikes!).

I love coloured tights - I have about 20 different shades.

Ani said...

Colored tights are the best! You pull Em off well!

Candida Maceo said...

I love this outfit - especially the colored tights. The pop of color really pulls everything together.


Greetings from Texas! said...

You're hilarious. I hate going through my archives - I'm always embarrassed...and I'm talking 2 weeks back.

Altax said...

The dress looks cute!!!

Kids Games

Christine said...

Don't be afraid of them! Love them!

Andrea Kerbuski said...

I love that dress, purse and the snowy backdrop and there is so much snow already in Hamilton! Also, we have the same blog anniversary, except mine turned 3 yesterday. Happy four years to My Edit!

amanda tinsley said...

of course the atmosphere is amaze, but that that bag is an absolute show stopper! show. stopper.

amanda (new blogger)


Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Let me begin with saying that you look gorgeous and that the photography is beautiful. Love the burgundy branches in the background.

Now. I want to thank you for expressing your uncertainty about wearing coloured tights. Had you not, I would have immediately run out and bought burgundy tights. You have that effect on me. I currently have a darling pair of pale, pale turquoise tights in my sock drawer that have never been worn outside of the bedroom...and no, I don't mean That! I just can't quite bring myself to wear coloured tights. You look so good, I really should try.

Sue xo

A Colourful Canvas

fashioningmylife said...

I love that purse!!! LOVE IT!

Annie said...

Love this! I've worn navy tights, and I think I would do burgundy, but I think that's as adventurous as I could get. You look fantastic!

Kathy said...

Those tights look good on you... maybe I should get a pair!

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