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I talked about my over-designed dress that I made in 2nd year (7 years ago already!) in my last post. My lady friend, Linda just did some searching and found and scanned this old runway shot of that dress. Lucky you!


It's pretty fuzzy but you can see that everyone is looking in the opposite direction. Dang it! This was going to be MY moment to shine and no one is paying attention! Could it be because the dress is rather ugly? Yes...perhaps that. Or could it be that Anna Wintour just showed up late?... Either way, the dress was obviously unable to capture the audience.

Thankfully I didn't have to use any runway photos for my graduating portfolio. I got to use some fancy artsy pictures that a student photographer took of me that year as part of his final project.


We can discuss if it is unprofessional to have pictures of yourself in your own design portfolio another day but right now, we can discuss the how good lighting can make a bad dress look interesting. No big deal, it was my first time being photo shopped too. I got skinnier arms and perfect skin out of the process.

This dress is a fine example of a fashion student's work. It wasn't terribly sewn or anything; it is just so... much. I love tulle! I love sequins! I love pink! I love yellow! I love crumb catchers! Let's put it all in one dress! Wheeeee! Best of all was the fact that the bodice of the dress was supposed to be two puzzle pieces. I am sure there was some deep symbolic meaning to that. Maybe it was representational of Matt and I or Linda and I or of fries and ketchup... all things that just fit together perfectly. Those stupid curves of the puzzle pieces ended up being nearly impossible to sew and they didn't even come across clearly. I thought my clever puzzle detail would make it a hit on the runway... and that was obviously not so. At least I got some fun pictures out of it...

This is the part where you tell me that my taste level has clearly improved since second year university. And then it's the part where I respond that I have learned to edit down what I like. Finally, we make a bad pun over the blog being called My Edit. And then we go enjoy what is left of the weekend!



. said...

What's not to love, there is a happiness explosion coming out of your bosom. If that is what happened every time I put puzzle pieces together you'd better believe I'd be jigsawing it up right now.

Linda said...

LMAO! Oh man this post had me in stitches. Don't worry, mine was HORRENDOUS as well. I mean, hello? My design inspirtation was DORRY! On the upside, you look hot in your pictorals and your skin is perfect!

Kathryn from Schoolmarm Style said...

Considering that I can barely sew a straight line and my sequin skills are nil I'm impressed, but also happy that this dress is a part of a humorous post.

CC said...

Hey, I'm impressed with your technical skills and you look gorgeous in the pics. :) All's well that ends well, right. And look at how fab you are now.

Rose said...

Crumbcatcher! Oh, if you had seen the mess I just made of myself laughing at your description of fashion-student-ness. Been there!

I do rather like the design of the bodice, even if it reminds me a bit of something from Star Trek Deep Space 9 (is that a bad thing? Is it?), and the colors are inarguably lovely. And, yes, you do look smashing in those photos!

Your outfit from yesterday was amazing by the way, and I didn't get a chance to comment. Love the colors, the silhouette, that clutch...!

Julia said...

Uhhh....I don't know, I kind of think it's kick-ass rockin. I have no taste, but then I've always thought that was the best taste. Anyway, you are a FABULOUS model, and photoshop wishes it had more it could do because girl, you look SEXY. Holy crap!


Anjela said...

haha! this post exemplifies the awesomeness of your blog: i always get a good laugh out of your clever writing! Plus, the fabulous outfits never hurt! (that maxi dress=gorgeous!) But it also shows your personal style growth (from tulle and crumb-catcher to stunning layering and perfectly styled thrift buys!)

p.s.- I think the puzzle pieces concept is really cool!

Tabitha said...

I wish I knew how to make any kind of clothing. Looks great and your photos are hands down fierce.

Mallory | The Storm in a Teacup said...

It looks like it was fun! The lighting does make it look prety cool.

Danielle said...

Oh, bless. Love this. You're a stunning model, it makes total sense you ended up as an outfit blogger.

Remember that photo shoot =)


megannielsen said...

hehe I'm so glad you shared this!! I love your artsy photo shoot! The thing is, though student projects are often over done - they're really important because you learn from them! Also I think i might need to show you the dress I entered in a design contest in highschool. Hilarity will ensue

Anonymous said...

Actually, I LIKE the IDEA of the puzzle piece corset...keep working on it.

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