Hup Holland!

There is clearly such a thing as 'too much' in fashion but the rule doesn't apply during the World Cup. My brother came down from Holland for a week a bit ago and maxed out the airline weight restriction with Dutch soccer paraphernalia. I'm wearing 1/12 of it...


It does make me slightly nervous to post this picture... The Dutch are up against the formidable Brazilians tomorrow and if they lose and go home, it will be painful to open my blog and stare at my cheerful countenance outfitted in the Dutch colours. So, if the outcome is not in my favour, please let me retreat in peace to mend my broken heart and to put the orange gear into my hope chest for the Euro Cup in two years (I do not have a hope chest but it would be useful on occasions like this). However, if the Dutch win, expect me to sew this wig unto my head permanently!

P.S. Even though I'm talking about the Netherlands, I can't forget that it is Canada Day as well! I may not be a Canadian citizen (don't tell Kendi, who just did a really sweet post about me for Canada Day...xo) but Canada has been my wonderful home for a long time! I'm grateful my parents moved here years ago and raised me with the help of Tim Hortons coffee and sprinkle donuts...


Anonymous said...

that picture is amazing.
i've been rooting for holland, so i'm crossing my fingers that they win!

Secondhand Stella said...

Hahahahahahahahahaha, nice.

Happy Friday!!!!

Kyla said...

This is fantastic. Period.

fullofchic said...

Go Holland! Since England is no longer in the running (grrr) I'll be cheering for the boys in orange this morning!

Linda said...

I hope they win. Thanks for the small shout out about the country you live in, or else I would have had to declare this friendship over ;).

Emily Kennedy said...

I am totally rooting for the Dutch in the Quarter Finals. My husband and I went to Amsterdam during World Cup 2006 and we fell in love with the country!

Hup Hup Holland!

Moni said...

Congrats!!! What a game!

Manda said...

You can keep the orage gear out! Brazil lost!

T said...

Um, B.E.C? I kind of love you right now.

Jenny said...

Ha, well congrats on the Netherlands win! :)

Emma at Daily Clothes Fix said...

Get your sewing kit out, you won. I hope that wasn't an empty promise - I expect to see that wig in every post from now on. :-)

Megan Wolf said...

dude. I LOVE this. and I love you for it. world cup pride totally rocks. seriously just keep being amazing.


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Nicki said...

Where would we all be without Timmie's? Happy Belated Canada Day =).

Alex said...

Now that England have been knocked out (not that I was expecting anything better from them anyway) I'm cheering on the Dutch all the way. Good old Dirk Kuyt.

Dorky Medievalist said...

WooHoo! Way to whoop Brazil's perfectly formed ass. With your own perfectly formed ass. Wait, that came out wrong ...

I'm speaking metaphorically, as a nation, the nation's respective asses, as it were. And footballers asses.

I'm going to stop now.

C said...

Dude, I was all set to write a big ol' IN YO FACE comment, but now I kind of have to eat my words. You guys totally dominated.

Eyeliah said...

he he adorable!

Kristin said...

yaaaay! You won! I LOVE that you are decked out for the world cup! We are obsessed soccer fans (so sad about the US). :(

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