I've Never Done This-A Giveaway

So... wow! I jumped across the 100 followers hurdle and now have 106. That is exciting! I decided not to quit my job, so I will be doing a giveaway for one of my cats.

giveaway all
(left to right)

BEC-The Black Entertainment Cat. She's a diva but a real sweety too, with a freaking loud purr. Even though she's little thing, she bosses the boys around because that's how us girls roll.
Kyle-If I didn't know that it was scientifically impossible, I'd swear that Kyle has raccoon in his ancestry. His tail is huge and he's the softest cat ever (yes, that's in writing). He's terrified of little kids but he loves Matt (too much). He can jump 5 feet in the air.
Stella-Is a boy (my bad). He was rescued from the streets with mats the size of my hand all down his body and the tips of his ears falling off from frostbite. He loves being outside but when he disappeared for a weekend, I grounded him for life. He's way too clever. He plays fetch with shoulder pads for hours on end.

If you think one of these cats fits into your home, leave a comment and I'll be doing a random draw...

giveaway kyle
Or NOT!!!!

I love the kitties, even though they may not always love me as much as I love them and despite the fact that they were really bad when we had company over yesterday. I just wanted to make you waste your time and read all about my precious cats!!! Ok, here's the real giveaway...

I'm really grateful to all my faithful readers (followers or not) because wearing too many sequins would not be so fun if I didn't have you guys to show them off to. To thank you I am giving away a wood bangle from Amrita Singh.


This is not a sponsored giveaway, I just thought the bangle was pretty (seriously, it's hard to convey in pictures but it's reeealll nice).
I'm sure you all know the deal...

...1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me something about anything (how's that for specific?). One entry per person.
2. The winner will be chosen at random Saturday evening, October 24th.
3. This contest is open to anyone, as long as you're a nice person most of the time.

Oh ya!!!! The best part! For every comment on this post, I will donate $1 (cdn.)* to the local SPCA so that more dogs and cats can go to good homes.

Thank-you!!!! Start commenting! Tell your friends, your mom, your brother (if he's broke and he needs a gift for the girlfriend)...

*up to $100. Not like I think I'll get 100 comments, I just want to cover my bases so I don't have to explain to Matt why we can't make the mortgage payment this month.


Brandon said...

you are cool. i am glad i can't have one of those cats because we have raccoons living in our backyard.

Clare said...

You're hilarious. And adorable. And I'm bummed the cats aren't up for auction, 'cause Joe and I want one. Okay, for something about anything, let's go with...I'm having chicken noodle soup for dinner. For the third night in a row. Because I'm THAT lazy.

ash said...

im allergic to cats, but i find them very interesting. my friend jasmine basically collects them off the street and homes them whenever she sees a stray. she is generous like that. :)

xo ash

Chgoest said...

Love your cats! What a clever idea for a giveaway...even if they are not really up for grabs....Love the bracelet too. Sooo beautiful!

Lindsay said...

omg i love this post. your cats are adorable.

Anonymous said...

Love the bracelet.

Something: I will finally graduate with my master's this spring and am seriously hoping that means I will have a bit more money to spend on jewelry like this. For now I'll try to get it for free ;)

Nadine said...

OK. You need to know this:

I live in New Zealand, and one of our major cities is Hamilton (snap!). I don't live there but I love to visit (I am a small-town girl with a low excitement threshold). ANYWAY, Hamilton used to have a lame slogan 'City of the Future'. People started calling it Hamil-tron as a result. Now it is widely referred to as The Tron. So when you say "H-dot", I say "The Tron".

Elizabeth Edith said...

congrats! cute cats

Linda said...

apple cinnamon oatmeal and raisins is delicious for breakfast :)

MissWiniW said...

Sad, I wanted a new kitty to add to my collection :(
Thankyou for looking hot and not ridiculous in sequined leggings.

maria said...

That bangle rocks!! I would love to win!!


angela said...

I love contests! Enter me please!

alexandra said...

wow! that is so sweet of you to donate to the spca! what an inspiration! and for something nice to say about anything, i love canadians! i lived in mtl for 5 years (went to mcgill) and met some of the best people in my life!

tegan said...

i'll have kyle :P
that picture of the cats looking out the window is seriously cute.
(and the bangle is fabulous also)

ShopKim said...

Shoot, I wanted the cat! But I guess the bangle would do too. :-)

Boutique Girl said...

The cats are very cute! The bangle is beautiful!

Something - I had a yucky migraine headache yesterday and it was my day off (boo). So the puppy and I get the spare duvet and snuggled and slept on the sofa all afternoon!

beckyxoxo said...

argh you're so funny ! haha . i thought you really wanted top give the cats . ahaha . and that bangle is so beautiful . nice blog you have :)

Rachel said...

something: i have never won a contest in my life - oh wait, other than one where I had to drink to decide what was pepsi and what was coke blind folded. Unfortunately I know my caffienated drinks :)

Btw, would the contest be rigged if you gave the bangle to your favourite cousin-in-law who faithfully reads your blog daily??? :)

Kyla said...

LOVE the bracelet, but even more the donation idea! Brilliant! Here's my dolla's worth :)

Kees said...

My comment saved one more cat.

Kees said...

My second comment just saved a second cat....

Milly said...

Enter me please....I'll take the cat too :)

nic said...

The bracelet is cool - I only have one bracelet right now and really need more. =)

Linda said...

I want the black cat please...thanks.
Can I enter even though I am an affiliate of MyEdit?
I can't believe you went out and actually bought something to give away...how nice.

Please pick me! :)

Linda said...

Also....save another cat with this one.

Is that a recent picture? Are you a brunette again? Please don't make me cry.

Beth said...

OK, you got me with the donation!

Tiffany said...

lurved your wedding outfit! hope to hear more about the making of that beautiful wedding dress!

Anonymous said...

OMG! Amazing Giveaway- I love that you are going to donate $$ to the SPCA. Very, very cute bracelet- I want it so bad!!


briannelee said...

I hope I win!!!!!!!! I would actually like to win one of the cats instead of the bracelet ;)

I think its awesome that you are donating to the SPCA as well.

Fabulocity in Amish Country said...

Here's something....... I'm a follower of your blog, and I'm happy about it! :)

Christina alwayssmilin04@yahoo.com

Kayla said...

That bracelet is so cute! My something about something is that I actually don't own any bangle bracelets. I have small wrists which has always had me convinced that they just aren't for me, but maybe now's the time to make the change!!

chic said...

I'm so touched by your pledge to donate to the SPCA - you're an alright kind of person after all ;)

Love the cats and the bangle - great post!

Jo said...

I won't lie, I'm kind of glad the giveaway is a bracelet and not one of your kitties. I'm allergic! :)

Congrats to you for breaking the 100 mark.

Chelsea said...

This is my favorite giveaway by far! Not because of the glorious bangle (which is awesome), but the donation to the SPCA! Girl, I would not be surprised if you got over 100 comments :)

I love my two cats immensely... they have rad personalities and are just the cutest ever! My g/f and I have been dabbling in kitten fostering as well... currently we have two 6-week old black male kittens that are just adorable. We will take care of them until they are old enough to get neutered and then adopted. Yay for cats!

mariel said...

the donation is the greatest idea ever. i have two cats (well, they live with my parents now that i moved out) that we rescued from the humane society. it's truly the way to go :)

and that bracelet is definitely awesome. good pick!

S@sha said...

Definitely give another dollar to the SPCA. That is very generous of you!

Work With What You've Got said...

I'll tell you this: I LOVE THAT BANGLE.

Also, I ordered a sandwich from Jimmie Johns today because it is raining and I dont want ton get out. Turkey Club.

e said...

I'll comment just for the dollar. How sweet!

I'll tell you that my doggie is a shelter dog and I love her to death.

Kari said...

I love your style! I live in Minnesota, and really look forward to some cold weather wardrobe inspiration!

konayipark said...

Hi there! I just wanted to let you know that my sister, Chimi, e-mailed me saying that I should add your blog to my google reader. I did as she asked, and I really do enjoy reading your blog! And btw, Kyle's tail really DOES look like a raccoon's tail! Amazing.

yiqin; said...

The first photo is way too cute.

Jessica Brown said...

The bangle is gorgeous!

Is your middle cat a Maine Coon? I grew up with a Maine Coon - best snuggliest, hugest cat ever!

Eyeliah said...

Well I'm glad you are not giving away your cat! lol I am aleergic, but that bangle I would be happy to win!

Laura HH said...

Heres something: If I were two-faced would I be wearing this one? tee hee

One more dollar for the stray kitties!

(Does Kees merrit two bucks or is he cheating?)

p.s. I am plagiarizing Abe Lincoln

Andrea said...

Although not an official follower, I check your blog every day! You even inspired me to check out Talize for the first time, and it was a major score.

stylefyles said...

I am a nice person, most of the time. And I have a fashion blog too.
stylefyles.tumblr.com . You're so generous with your post!

H to the izzo said...

Well I don't follow you on blogger but I do read you in my blog reader (Bloglines). So you probably have more readers than you think. I was so shocked when I thought you were giving away a cat!

You know a giveaway I would love? One of that fab purple sequin jacket you have (the one the reader made a cartoon out of). Except of course no one but me could win it or I'd be crushed. But it is my current favorite fashion photo. I DIE. I also loved the rhinestone brooches on your dress in the last post.


Gerard said...

I just cost you a dollar

Liz said...

What a sweet idea! I'd love that bracelet, count me in. For something random: don't wait for the last minute to get your passport expedited. Really, it's unfortunate, now I have less money to spend in Brazil this Christmas! lizrosas@gmail.com

Paul said...

I notice Matt hasn't commented, so I'll spend the $1 for him. ;-)

Fell 4 Fashion said...

Congrats on over 100 followers!!!!! U are fantastic! I would love to win that gorgeous bangle :)

Cate Malek said...

Your blog has inspired me to brave the flourescent lights and go back to thrift store shopping. My bank account is very thankful.

Lemondrop Marie said...

Lovely post, and I am really wishing I could have Stella- but I have my own rescue issues.:)

Becky said...

That's a gorgeous bangle! I can tell already that I'm going to be a loyal reader! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

haute hardware said...

You are so sweet! Your cats are cracking me up...what are they looking at so intently?!

Brooke said...

for a dollar donation, my cat paul simon and i are writing this post.

Alysa Kimiko said...

Amazing!! I don't know what to really say, so here's a joke

what did the zero say to the eight?

nice belt :)

Been trying to fix my profile, to show my blog, but if you're curious check it out!


Through the Years said...

I started reading your post, and I was like, is she really going to give one of her cats away??!!! I have two cats and they are like my babies, I couldn't believe you were going to give one away!
I am glad you are keeping them, it was nice to read about them, cats are really cute and they all have their own special personality

Elisha said...

save a kitty for me! i also read your blog faithfully. i love creeping your pictures. you're very very pretty and sometimes i love to hate the fact that you can pull off ANYTHING. (pull off anything, as in your fashion sense...) you're my super-girl-hero!

and here's something: i'm going to make a call tomorrow and perhaps on saturday, another two kitties will be saved by grace. heh heh... xoxo

Anonymous said...

omigosh, your cats are so cute. i have two strays, mimi and biggie smalls. i love kitties, dogs too. animal lover really. anyway, that bangle is so cool. i wish i could wear more of them since my wrists are so small. oh well, it's cool and how great are you to donate like that? so nice:)

Rachael said...

I don't think I show up as a follower, but I'm subscribed in my reader. I think I'll fix that. But save the kitties!

Thank you for the chance to win and the generous donation!

gina said...

omg, your cats are adorable! Very pretty creatures.

Chelsie Te(e)la said...

Okay. So here are, not one, but two random facts for you.
1. I am also Canadian. Newfoundlander!
2. I have two cats who I talk about as if they were my children.

Ernie said...

I've been asked four times today if I was wearing men's shoes. Whatever, they're cool... I think :]

emilyanne said...

I love what the SPCA does! What a nice idea:)

Sue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sue said...

Your Kyle looks like a scaled up version of my Muffin - she is also the softest cat ever! Is Kyle a Pixie Bob?

Thank you for this lovely giveaway - you inspired me to give at work to the SPCA as well. Your blog is also fabulous! :-)

PS Sorry about double-post error!

Emily said...

Is this giveaway over? Cuz I'd like to win MORE bracelets from you :P

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