Always a Bridesmaid

outfit limo

outfit front

outfit close-up

Dress? Bedo
Shoes? Taryn Rose, Winners
Wristlet? Coach, gifted by Linda
Earrings and bracelet? gifted and made by Linda
Broach? thrifted
Hair? Not sure whose it is but it's not mine...

For Linda's wedding the bridesmaids all wore black dresses of their choosing. I've been a bridesmaid six times and I have always lucked out with bridesmaid dresses. Lucky for me, there are no pastel taffeta monstrosities hiding in my closet... The cut of the dress is very classic but it was the bows on the shoulders that sold me. The neckline is a little lower than how I usually roll, however, since the straps covered my shoulders, I was allowed down the aisle without a shawl . Which is good, because shawls cramp my style.

The week before the wedding I went to the parents' place to raid their jewelry collection. Little did I know that Linda had handmade jewelry and bought us all a buttery soft Coach wristlet (it's too late to join her wedding party... no Coach for you!) so, aside from a broach that I pinned to a bow on one shoulder, I was all accessorized from Linda's generosity.

And yes, that mass of hair on my head is not mine. I have always loved the huge bun (like Heidi Klum) and when the hairstylist pulled out a big piece of human hair that pretty near matched my colour, I decided to go for it. You know, I'm only youngish once... When she first styled my hair, I nearly cried. I had committed to the big hair and I knew I had to stick with it but it looked really fake. It was all shiny and perfect and unnatural and SO not me. I pretty much locked myself in the bathroom and the mirror and I spent some time together. I pulled some of my natural hair through, frizzed it up and softened the look and after the hairdresser touched up my touch-up of her original work, I was OK. I'm sooo glad it worked out. If it hadn't I would have had to have a brave face all day and pretend that it didn't look like I had a golden retriever pup on top of my head.

Sooo, looking back on my posts, I see that 3 of the last 4 have been wedding related. It's out of my system now( I think, they are pretty fun...), in the future I promise I'm going to severely cut back on the usage of the word 'wedding' and return my focus to fashion. I'll drink to that. Cheers!
outfit cheers


Taylor Sterling said...

you look beautiful!

Megan Wolf said...

ok damn girl! You look gorgeous. You are channeling some serious Audrey Hepburn here with the classic black dress and that AMAZING hair. very breakfast at tiffany's. can you teach me your ways. I love what the bride did with the black dresses, and those flowers are beautiful and totally pop against the dress. great pics and post!!



Nadine said...

Oh, the hair! It was the first thing I noticed. I'm kinda bummed it's not all yours, as mine is a similar length and I was going to ask you how I did it. Now I know . .

Linda said...

I have a really awesome pic of you that my mom took at the land...oh and the big ponytail pics too!

briannelee said...

You looked so pretty!!!! I love the dress... you can def wear it again.

Fell 4 Fashion said...

U are gorgeous! Great pics!

Clare said...

What a great bridesmaid dress! Oh, and love the hair story!!

E said...

That bridesmaids dress is gorgeous! I love the pretty detail on the shoulders!

Invisible G. said...

That's the sexiest bridesmaid dress I've ever seen. You look amazing!

Gawd - adore the Coach wristlet. Never knew they had cool accessories like that.

Man, I'm trying to save money for traveling and it's so hard not to shop for fall right now.

Maybe I live vicariously through your blog. :)

Sher said...

Now there's a dress you CAN wear again ;) So lovely!

chic said...

I actually LOVED the hair so it was funny to read how it came about. The dress you chose is stunning as are the accessories from your gorgeous friend - and how fun to get to pick a Little Black Dress for a bridesmaid's dress! Lovely! S.

Sal said...

You're a knockout, lady!

K said...

What a great dress! I love that you can wear it over again and not look like a bridesmaid.

Kelly said...

You look great and I really like your hair - it makes me want to try some fake hair!

ash said...

you look A-mazing as always, love your hair girl

xo ash

jackiee031 said...

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