Getting into the Spirit

I really should be going to bed right now.. well, feeding the herd of cats and then going to bed but I'm all excited for Halloween now (and not just for the 50% off candy after Halloween) and I just wanted to share some pictures from last year's party. A bunch of us threw a Halloween party at our house last year and everything worked out really well. Just one of those nights...

last year halloween

'E' and I dressed up as housewives (hmmm... does that make us sister wives?). Yes, I'm hitting her with a spoon, which is a little unklassy but it was the best picture of the two of us. It was very fitting that I dressed up as a housewife, because I really am not the cleaning and baking kind of girl (surprising, really...) but for this party I busted my butt to have everything sparkling and fantastic. And it was...

last year halloween2

What are your Halloween plans?
I have a friend who fully intends to dress up and go trick or treating... That's courage. Admit it, you wish you were brave enough... (yes, this friend is over 21...).



Hahaha! Loveee it!

Amy said...

Awesome costume! My halloween will be champagne and cuddling with the bf. Also giving candy to the cute kids :)

briannelee said...

Those are really cute costumes!

I don't think I am going to do anything this year b/c I have to work on Sun. If I do decide to go out, though, I am going to be a girl scout and wear the vintage girl scout dress I found this summer.

AsianCajuns said...

Hahaha- you girls both make great housewives (curlers never looked so good). What are you going to be this year?!
Cath is going as Yoko and I'm going as Lady Gaga (going in pantless in public... I might not be quite that brave).
Happy Halloween!!!

Linda said...

I was supposed to take my monkey trick or treating, but now I have to tend to my sick husband, that and I don't want baby getting sick. I used to love halloween and then it turned into a slight dislike. Now, this year I hate it with a growing passion.

Curious to see what you and Matt end up doing...

Amy said...

Haha Your costume was so cute!! Love the rollers! :)

I am not sure what we are doing this year- maybe go out to a club. I am definitely dressing up though and I am SO excited! I am going to be a lion tamer, my pit bull the lion and hopefully (fingers crossed) my bf too! hehe

Hope you have a wonderful Halloween!



Elaine said...

Hahhah, love the picture! Especially the rollers! And your table looks very nice and festive! I like how you deocrated the pumpkins. My plans for tomorrow night is a costume party which is weird because my husband and I are not costumey people... NOt that we don't like Halloween, we just don't like wearing costumes! So we'll see how that goes.... HOpe you have a great Halloween!!!


Nadine said...

You look great as a housewife!

I'm not doing anything as I am so horribly busy and where I live Halloween is not a particularly big deal.

alexandra said...

omg you look like january jones! you look beautiful as a housewife. that's a great idea too...i'm searching for last minute ideas with the bf. last year i was karl, but i did some planning on that one. check it out! http://signaturestyles.blogspot.com/2009/10/all-hallows-eve.html

chic said...

Your housewives costumes are beyond cute!! I'm definitely remembering this one for future Halloweens, I own enough flowery garments and aprons that I should be able to pull it off.

Have a great Halloween tomorrow and think of me all poor and Halloween-less in Germany and eat an extra dose of chocolate on my behalf! :)


E said...

You two are adorable and I love how you decorated that table! You're making me wish I was having a fun fall party!

Dylana said...

This is so bedford wives! Love it!


Fashion Court said...

i'm actually not dressing up this year (lame, i know). happy halloween!

hungeryjack said...

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La Mimi said...

Hi sweety,
love the housewife costume, I think I'm going to steal this idea for next year.Hehe... Who are you dressing up as tonight? :)


somedaynewyorker said...

Haha. I love how you dressed up for the preparation. Great idea.

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