Fashion Crimes


Shorts? Old Navy
Patent and leopard skate shoes? DC, Winners (even my nephews think these are cool)
Free Willie sweater? t&n, Aritzia

'Jentine's Guide to Dressing Well and Keeping it Real'
Rule #45 Camouflage is for combat only.

In general I really hate camo print. I think the hate started in highschool when camouflage went from being something unique, to being the teenager uniform. Suddenly everyone was wearing camo; from the grunge kids to the ghetto fabulous mamas. And then it got mass produced in every colour of the rainbow and Tina Knowles got her hands on Destiny's Child and created this......
destiny's child
What a disaster. BUT then... years later, I see these shorts in the men's section at Old Navy and I fell in love. The print is faded and kinda genuine looking, the shorts are so comfortable and the pockets are big enough to fit 4 beers and a bottle of wine (not like I tried it...). I bought them and the worst part is, I wear them all the time. Five years later they get more wonderfully faded and soft with every wash.

So, I've let you in on my dirty little fashion crime... what's yours? Do you still secretly bust out your denim cut-off skirt that you used to rock to the bar every Thursday in college? And even though Uggs are the most vilified item on the fashion blogger scene, are you unwilling to part with yours? Orrrr... do you have a tracksuit with 'Juicy' written across the butt? Here's your chance... come clean!


Linda said...

Ha! Is that Kyle?
Umm...no I pretty much have gotten rid of all my incriminating evidence of bad fashion/ ie fat girl clothing.
Oh btw, its TNA not T&N....sorry I can't let it slide. INCORRECT!
Those running shoes are serious!
P.S. How cold is it in Hamilton?

Sher said...

Once in a while I LIKE wearing a long "old lady" length skirt or dress ;)

Sarah vP said...

jogging pants. big. baggy. with Birkenstocks . . .

basically Birkenstocks with anything.

Albert said...

1989: neon...

myedit said...

Albert, who are you kidding? 1989? AND continuing into 1990 thru 1992. Don't deny!

Laura HH said...

I confess I still have a pair of black stretch pants from ten years ago that I wear under scrubs in the winter. But they are hidden!

Albert said...

In 1989 it was actually neon, by 1992 it had become plain pink.

Culbrethsfeb said...

1989: neon...

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