Jacket? Michael Kors, Winners
Striped sweater? BCBG, Winners
Jeans? Citizens, Winners
Flats? Old Navy
Cube ring? gifted
Necklace? Cuba

We bit the bullet and bought a new camera. Definitely worth it. I felt like our photos from old faithful were beginning to look like soft focus wedding photography... well, minus the bride. Walks have changed though. I love getting in a long, brisk walk for some fresh air and exercise but it's hard to keep a good pace when Matt stops to photograph everything. Every pepple is interesting now that we can actually get them in focus. It's kinda creepy when the camera sees more than I can see. Sample conversation...

Matt: See that jogger?

Me: Um...Kinda. That blurry blob way up there?

Matt: Yeah. Check him on the camera.

Me: Creeper...

I wore my stripes because I knew we were going for a walk by the pier. Kinda cheesy. However, I got punished for my outfit vanity because it was freaking cold and there was a brisk wind. Oh well. My mom would always say to me growing up 'Als je mooi wilt zijn, moet je pijn lijden' (bad dutch spelling I'm sure), which basically means you have to suffer for beauty. To my mother's distress I took that to heart.

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