Shine On

Dress? Lisa Baday, thrifted Shoes? Kenneth Cole Clutch? Vintage

It's been a while since I've blogged but things are pretty steady around here. I still love my studio and I still love sequins. Nothing new under the sun.
I spotted this dress at the thrifts this spring and thought to myself 'now that is some next level sequin'.  It's so unusual and the sparkle is so intense that I knew it had to be a good find. And it was a sweet find! Made in Canada and from Lida Baday... Thanks to thrifting, my closet is way more baller status than I actually am.

I wore this dress out with friends and when we were doing the typical 'what are you wearing tonight?' texting, I described this dress as a very shiny, structured, sexy garbage bag.
My friend summed it up more accurately though, and sent me a picture of a wet seal.

Spot on. And if possible, it makes me love the dress even more...


nancy said...

You look like a super model in this dress!!

Sheila said...

Thrifted Lida Baday? Sweet! I found a skirt of hers recently in the thrifts - very tough to find, since usually anything by her is hugely marked up in the consignment stores. You look amazing in this!

Happy to see you - glad you are doing well. :)

Secondhand Stella said...

It's the perfect girls night out dress. Looks great on you :)

parlh said...

You and the dress look amazing! Nice to see you!

The Suburb Experiment said...

It's so good to see you in my feed!

Aline said...

Still my favourite blogger!

AE Challinor said...

Where are these amazing thrift stores you patronize??

Unknown said...

Hot... be carefull you dont condemn youtself, dear.
Meet me Upstairs.
Let's getta Big-Ol beer...
gotta lotta tok about.

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Unknown said...

Lovely dress.



Unknown said...

You look gorgeous in this vintage outfit,such a unique and stylish dress.

Arykah said...

We miss you! Come back please! The blogosphere has not been the same since you left

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