The Fashion Rut

Notables: Boots? Thrifted but fancy here and pleather here Giant scarf/wrap? Thrifted but similar here 
Snood? Joe Fresh (sold out but very similar here) Coat? Vintage but similar here Apple? Red Delicious

Last winter I bought myself three pairs of the same black pants. I'm sorry if you thought I was wearing the same pair of pants everyday, I was actually switching it up...
Fast forward a year later and I am once again on the black pants rotation. It's only December 18th and I'm already in the winter fashion rut. That said, it's not a bad rut. Black pants, good boots, a touch of plaid and some quirky details and it truly looks like you care!
I love dresses and impracticality and my very favourite piece of clothing will likely always be this vintage number that can hardly fit under a seat belt but I'm kind of impressed with my sensibility over dressing for the shop in the winter. It's just layers of basics (layers of basics... Is that a bunch of college girls standing in the autumn leaves taking pictures of their Starbucks?) and everything is interchangeable. Like a capsule wardrobe that I will cheat on when I muster the energy to wear a dress again...


Also, I wore different boots this time. Go me....


Anonymous said...

You MIGHT be getting more beautiful with each day. !

Girl and the Polka Dot said...

Cute outfits!


Anonymous said...

I love the gold sweater/plaid shirt combo!
Thanks for keeping me inspired!


Bridget KD said...

It's not a rut if it's a good look. That's what I say. These looks are definitely winners, so you're good! :)

ThriftyParka said...

Don't think of it as a rut, think of it as a capsule wardrobe for surviving Canadian December.

You look fab! Love all the outfits!

DressUpNotDown said...

New chic blogger accessory...the apple? It's better than a Starbucks cup if you ask me. :o)


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