B & W

Dress? Vintage (via VintageWhimsy, my fave insta shop) Boots? Nine West Glasses? Warby Parker, Duckworth (here) Leather jacket? Costa Blanca Clutch, earrings and bracelet? Vintage Cat hair? Kyle's

I'm in a bit of a monochromatic rut and so I told myself that my next outfit post would be something ridiculously bright and colourful. But then this 60's embroidered wiggle dress arrived in the mail and that threw a wrench in those colourful intentions. 
Speaking of intentions, I also intended to do the whole fashion blogger thing of  not putting my arms through the sleeves of my jacket as little as possible but... I kinda dug it this time. Two years ago it seemed to be some quick trend and now it looks to be sticking around. I feel like in real life people wonder why you don't just put your arms through your stupid sleeves, but Pinterest makes it look so cool...
And that's kind of the biggest problem with Pinterest isn't it? It makes everything look cool. I was on drink duty for a party a while back and I pinned a drink that would fit the theme perfectly and of course it tasted like... eh, can't think of a proper analogy but really, it was terrible. Some nice wine would have been just fine but Pinterest had me convinced that that wasn't enough...

From here on out, I'll take my Pinterest with a grain of salt. I will keep my arms out of my sleeves only on select occasions but I think my drink mixing days are officially over*...

*except for at the cottage,  ok Elisha?


Melissa Swanson said...

Yeah I get angry at Pinterest a lot. At the end of the day, I'm a really practical girl and I just don't do/wear/buy things that aren't practical. So when I see a pretty pin, my mind goes through this battle -- "Look pretty!"
"But it's so impractical, it would never work IRL."
"But look how pretty!"
"But how can I really wear/do that? Not possible."
I always have to take my Pinterest with a few very generous grains of salt.

The Suburb Experiment said...

Was it avocado margaritas? I pinned them a while ago but am a little wary. . .

You look fantastic in black and white BTW.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful dress!


Andrea Kerbuski said...

Man, I love these photos with your black and white look and the purple wall! I didn't get the jacket draped over shoulders thing two years ago. I remember seeing someone at fashion week two years ago do it and thinking "she's stupid" and of course two years later, it trickles down to me like most trends and techy things like Pinterest. I think they're stupid and eventually, much too late, I realize its merit. But anyways, you look gorgeous per usual and I love your outfit posts and I feel terrible because I haven't been commenting, but I stalk you and love you and wish you lived closer. Okay, done with my creeper comments.

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