Fancy Pants

Pants? Vintage Pierre Cardin Top? Thrifted Shoes? Jeffrey Campbell Woodies (old, search Ebay?)
 Snake cuff? Vintage via Etsy (similar Free People here) Bag? Vintage (similar on Etsy)

These vintage Pierre Cardin pants have been in my shop since the day it opened. I'm not shocked, they come in a set with a head scarf and a quilted jacket and as a suit, the whole thing is a little intimidating. I do love to separate a set to give it new life but I was a bit hesitant to do that with the designer tag. Also, the pleating and quilting in the same suit is pretty clever and I can respect the workmanship enough to keep them together.
And so they hung on the rack for months while the high waisted denim shorts flew out the door (seriously, the key to making the rent are denim shorts... a lesson learned in vintage life, more on that in a later post...). I was about to pack the suit up for a re-merchandise in the future sometime and then... I tried on the pants.

Predictably, I fell in love and I wore them the very next day.
No one is surprised right? I guess I just got myself a new suit.


Lara said...

Your photos are always well-composed, but that first one is seriously stunning. Perfect background for your outfit.

DressUpNotDown said...

I agree with Lara! I couldn't stop staring at it.

I can't wait to see the jacket now! :o) Those pants are super!!!


Anonymous said...

New reader via Andrea of blonde bedhead. Dig these pants, girl!

XO Alison

Amanda said...

Yentina, I love these pants! Question, I have a skirt with the tiny pleats like this, how do you care for them? Some of mine seem to be losing their crispness. If I dry clean them, will they re-pleat them?

myedit said...

Amanda- Hmmmm.... what kind of material is the skirt? Natural fibres are set with heat and synthetics are set with chemicals... If it's heat, dry cleaners can likely put them back in as long as you point it out so they don't accidentally press the pleats out (it's happened...). Hope that helps:)

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