Style Advice

Jacket? Vintage (from The Edit, put it up on Etsy here) Jeans? 7 for all Mankind 
Silk top? Joe Fresh (similar in white here) Shoes? Aldo (Canada here or US here
Bag? Steve Madden, thrifted Phone cover? Rifle Paper Co. (here) Pics? Julie

My mom was helping me out at the shop the other day and someone asked her what she should wear with a certain vintage top. My mom told her that she should maybe wear it with a nice pair of jeans. Which, if you know my mom, is hilarious because I am not even sure my mom has ever worn jeans...? But she's heard me say that you can wear jeans with really anything and I'm glad she picked up that particular tidbit of my deepest wisdom. Jeans come in so many washes and shapes and are so common that they really are the ultimate neutral now.
This 1960's brocade coat was likely from a formal event, maybe even a wedding and while it could totally still work for those fancy days, it also is just fine with jeans for less fancy days. 

And unlike the other time that Julie took pics and we thought it would be funny to take street style pics with fake phone talking (so phony...?), this time the phone talking is real. It was Matt and he was wondering if he should pick up or make something for dinner. 
The answer was no. I had dinner ready in the slow cooker. I'm telling you this because nothing makes me feel more grown up than meal planning.


Anna D Kart said...

love how you make vintage items look so trendy

Happy Medley

Jessica said...

Love how you have such a gorgeous smile for your husband over the phone! Also, what do you makein the slow cooker?

Orchid Grey said...


DressUpNotDown said...

I get you on the meal planning! I always feel invincible when I do that. So why don't I do it all the time, every time? Oh yeah, I get busy doing fun things. :o)

This outfit is just gorgeous! I am intrigued by those shoes!!!


myedit said...

Jessica- chili... so simple. But throw an avocado on it and you look like a culinary genius:)

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