Nautically Titled

(sequin shirt here and striped clutch here)

Just put up a cute little Nautical themed collection on Etsy. Stuck between calling the collection 'Ahoy Captain' and 'Batten Down the Hatches'. Naming collections is tough and mostly cheesy. I have a lot of new found respect for those responsible for titling magazine editorials... 
So Etsy... I've decided I am going to do one themed collection a month (or so...). Right now I don't have the room to run Etsy from the shop, so I do it from home and it all takes a lot more time than I care to admit (I'm so slow...). I know I can't handle a big Etsy collection or compete with the huge (and amazing) vintage Etsy sellers so I figured I might as well do my own thing... hence, monthly themed collections. 
Changing up the collections every month will keep it fresh and exciting, both for me to put up and hopefully for you as well. This month the theme is Nautical because navy and red and gold and stripes and polka dots and anchors are fun. Maybe the next collection can be something a little more offbeat like 'What to Wear to Your Frenemy's Wedding'. Eh, that's perhaps too snarky. 'Fabulous Cat Lady' is a sure contender though. So many options, so many months.

And what's my favourite piece in this capsule collection? I'm glad you asked (or didn't, whatever...). Besides the red sequin shirt up top and the perfect peplum dress below, it might be this circle skirt. I can't say it enough, circle skirts are so fun! Hard to get anything done when you are distracted by your own awesome swirling circle skirt... 

(this fabulous dress here


Ashley said...

Puh-LEASE call it Batten Down the Hatches! That's one of my favorite nautical turns-of-phrase. I wrote about its origin here: http://thisisnotreallife.tumblr.com/post/34581333873/battening-down-the-hatches right before Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

Love the top!

Jessica Rose said...

The red top in the first photograph is beautiful ;)


Jennifer said...

You are such a stunner!

xo Jennifer


Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Oooooh, the Albert Nipon is gorgeous! Your Etsy shop looks really, really great Yen!

myedit said...

Ashley- I checked out the origin. I feel very full of knowledge now:)

Sarah said...

I know this comment is a bit late, but I would shop the heck out of a collection called, "what to wear to a frenemies wedding." It would be the perfect blend of classy, sexy and a bit over the top.