Faux fur coat? Vintage (I found the exact one on Etsy if you wanna twin it out or a toned down black coat here) Denim shirt? Vanilia (similar here) Boots? La cappacucio (similar in leather here)

Heavily under the influence of a bitter winter and Pinterest, I thrifted this vintage blanket coat. It's Fairweather (this may be just a Canadian brand) and while that store is now very fast fashion, I remember it being a really fancy ladies' shop back in the day. Mind you, when I was young, I was easily impressed with what was fancy. A childhood friend's mom worked there and I would be nervous to go in with my hand-me-downs because it was so meticulous and pricey in there. 

I dropped the coat off at the dry cleaners and when I picked it up the lady greeted me with 'Oh, it's the lady with the crazy coat!'. 
Indeed, it is. And if you think that the most crazy thing about me is my coat, then you might be in for a surprise;)


Please may I? said...

Thats an amazing coat. It looks both warm and bright, a perfect combination.

X x

Style & Poise said...

Great coat!!


Anonymous said...

Question, you're always finding great thrift items. Do you shop regular stores like Goodwill or more high-end boutique re-sale shops? May I ask what you paid for this adorable coat and where you found it?

myedit said...

Anon- I shop both and everywhere in between. If I get an item from a vintage store or a consignment place, I will try to list that. If it says thrift, it's usually from VV or Talize or Salvation Army etc.
I paid $12.99 for this jacket at the Value Village in Hamilton (I believe...) and I had a 30% off coupon. It was kinda dirty though and I can't hand wash this one, so I paid $20 to clean it too:)

bashashhazbaz said...

wow! you look awesome!

Amy said...

I adore this look! Love how bright the coat is.

xo Amy

Kayla said...

I think this is far from the "craziest" thing you have worn. Love this coat and your style. Keep it up!

Jennifer said...

Such a pretty jacket!

xo Jennifer


Anonymous said...

You aren't crazy but the coat is. That's not a bad thing - wear it like you own it! And you do - very well.

"I can't decide... I'll just take them both."

Sheila said...

Fairweather was originally owned by Mr. Fairweather in Toronto - it came to pre-eminence in the 80s when it became a "mall store". It did carry a lot of higher-end nice clothes back then (including the much-coveted Daniel Hechter line of sweats in every colour imaginable - they were "the" thing to have in 1982). I actually worked for Fairweather back in 1998-2000, and they were sold off to a 'fast fashion' company. Up until that point, they were still making good quality clothes.

Your jacket is from around 1987.

/old chick rambles

Rebecca Jane said...

Love that colourful coat.

myedit said...

Sheila- Ha! Thanks for the background info:) I remember I used to search for Daniel Hechter back in high school!

Vanessa said...

Aaaah! That coat is sensational!

krysten15 said...

I remember when Fairweather was a fancy shop too! My mom had a really nice tank top shell from there that I used to steal from her all the time, it was perfect and the quality was amazing. Too bad it changed...I should see if she still has it! :)

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