Due North

Coat? Vintage Holt Renfrew Hat? F21 (old) Sweater? Zara (similar herePlaid shirt? Joe Fresh 
Necklace? Thrifted Boots? c/o La Canadienne

Happy 2014!!!!
Last year we went up north for a few days around NYE as a last minute kind of thing... This year, with a bunch of our friends, we figured we had so much fun last time that we actually planned in advance and booked a place at least three weeks beforehand.
It's so pretty and serene in Northern Ontario... We got to enjoy the natural beauty and just relax. By relax, I mean we hung out and watched Discovery Channel and Criminal Minds for hours... And ate a lot of food. Bliss.
I feel like I had my 'up north' training wheels on last year, I had to borrow layers and clothes because the cold and the snow is a different beast from what we deal with here in Hamilton*. This year it was even snowier and colder than last year but I was so prepared that I wanted to high five myself. I brought a lot of plaid (obviously because it is so rugged and stuff), all my toques, my newly thrifted snow pants and thermal sweater and the snow boots that Matt searched a few Canadian Tires for. With my own legitimate snow pants and snow boots, I could frolic in the snow and when I fell on my tailbone down an icy hill, the layers cushioned the fall.
When I wasn't snow frolicking or watching tv marathons, I even managed to be warm and kinda fancy for a trip into town thanks to this vintage coat. The coat was supposed to go in the shop but it had a mark on the suede that I couldn't get out. That little bit of damage was just enough to ease my conscience about keeping the coat for myself...

*except right now because we are in a major cold snap... I'm wearing a sleeping bag to work for now. 


Rebecca Jane said...

I've never been to Northern Ontario but I can absolutely get behind a getaway in the country featuring Criminal Minds marathons and snow-frolicking.

Also, love the coat! That strange black mark worked in your favour!

Jaclyn said...

Sounds like a wonderful NYE, I did basically the same thing (minus the snow frockling here in Toronto) Northern Ontario is always so pretty. Love the plaid with the sequence - warm and festive!



Suzie Salmon said...

Happy New Year Yen! All the best to you and the shop in 2014.

naghmeh said...

looks beautiful out there and sounds like you had a really good time :)
love your outfit and the peek of gold :)
also this -35 degree is just not cool haha

Jennifer said...

Amazing coat! Love the snow!

xo Jennifer


Robin said...

looks so beautiful! Where is this?

myedit said...

Robin- Um... I think we were at a little 'resort' (basically we rented a cottage out of a few available) near Minden. About 45 min. from Gravenhurst...

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