Winter Whine


Coat and collar? Vintage, thrifted (similar here or vintage here) Dress? Maggy London, thrifted (very similar here) Boots? Holt Renfrew Last Call Clutch? Gucci, thrifted

Camel coats are the perfect blend of fashion and function. They look rather fabulous (Pinterest says so...) and they are so warm and cosy... Which is perfect for this winter because the bare ankle shenanigans of even the last post are the by-product of rare little blips of reasonable temps in the middle of a stretch of curse word inducing cold. 
That was a run-on sentence. What I'm basically trying to say, is that this winter has made me so glad for my collection of big and warm vintage coats. It has also made me thankful for my crockpot and for twitter, so I can direct weather whines mostly in one direction... Though, let's be honest, weather complaints are the best conversation starters. 


Andi said...

Pretty much everyone I have encountered in the last month has said something like "Is it cold/windy enough out there?" Yep, it is.

Sydney said...

as usual, you look stellar and hell yes: it's freaking cold!

Joelle Deschambault said...

I'm in Ottawa. Whining about the cold is my new hobby. Seriously...

Terri said...

Your coat is fabulous, and I feel a little better that I'm not the only one completely over this winter! Today's high was in the teens. Aside from the snow day, I am not into it one bit.


Jana Style Blog said...

I love your coat, the fur collar is so gorgeous! You look so pretty even in the wind and blowing snow!

Xo Jana


Unknown said...

LOVE that coat, you look gorgeous as always! I'm in Perth, Australia and today it's 40 degrees celsius, so we are whining about the other end of the weather spectrum

x Hannah


Style & Poise said...

This look is all types of vintage goodness..love it!


Lora Conrad said...

Love this outfit! Classy meets babe meets vintage goddess.

Unknown said...

You always look so chic. That coat does look cozy!

DressUpNotDown said...

*Sigh* all the camel coats, I've been seeing EVERYWHERE, are just taunting me for passing one up last month!!! Oh well, I'll get over it. :o)

You look completely gorgeous! Hope you didn't freeze too much out there getting those beautiful photos for us.


Jennifer said...

You are always so lovely hun!

xo Jennifer


auroeta art gallery said...

Gorgeous fur collar, makes every coat to treasure! In Germany we had no snow yet.. but who knows? Perhaps tomorrow!!

have a wonderful week

Katy Rose said...

LOVE this look, especially the animal print dress! So chic. All I want to do these days is take outfit shots in my coat. It's too dang cold to be standing outside without it. - Katy

Georgia Milton said...

The boots are just gorgeous! Love your look! Great styling!

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Unknown said...

LOVE this outfit, so so so chic!