Warm Ears, Cold Ankles


Coat? Thrifted Toque? Stepcat (available at my shop too, though only one left in Oatmeal...) 
Pants? Joe Fresh (without faux leather stripe here) Shoes? c/o Aldo (old) 
Scarf? h&m (similar one from the Gap here)

I wasn't lying when I said that lately I get up and decide what to wear based on what matches my new toque. The pom is just so wonderfully fluffy and it's so cozy that it deserves to be worn every second day at least...

Apparently I also wear these pants a lot because my friend dubbed them the 'Jentine pant'. I would apologize but they fit me nicely and they are warm and comfortable and fine... I wear them all the time. I just can't help it, they are almost as comfortable as trackpants and that is perhaps the highest  praise I can give... I feel like I will have more fight in me in January but right now I'm totally giving into the cold. Pass me my trackpants, my blanket, my cat and some soup...


tania@theclassicteeblog.com said...

That coat is stunning!

veronika girlandcloset said...

I'm obsessed with your Toque. Love the over-sized pom pom and the oatmeal colour is so perfect. Adore this wintery look, and yes, I too have given up until this cold passes!! ;)

By The Shore, a life + style blog

Anonymous said...

So cute with that pom pom hat! Oh and you keep on wearing those "Jentine pants" they go with everything! You look so chic and cozy!

Cee. ♥
Code Overdressed

Bri said...

I'm hoping chill time at Christmas will also refresh me for the new year!

I like you rocking to toque, and brave of you to sport bare ankles, I did that the other day and bbuuurrrrrr!

Anonymous said...


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Linda said...

Arg, those pants. So I found them at my grocery store and decided to buy them on no tax day. The size I thought I was was too big. The size I need? None left. You re-open the wound every time you wear them. :(

Chelseabird said...

Loving everything about this outfit, sweet lady! You look so cozy and wintry! xo

Kayla said...

Love this outfit and loving more frequent posts from you!! And although I love your dressy outfits, I enjoy that these are a bit more everyday-ish. Keep it up!

Jennifer said...

Looking super cute all bundled up!

xo Jennifer


Lou said...

Crikey that's a lot of snow, we'd come to a complete standstill where I live in the UK if we had that much. I get so scared driving in it with the baby in the car I'd rather stay home. You look great (as always), love all the shop updates!

Lauren E. said...

I always have cold ankles!!! And someone will inevitably comment on them (even some guy on the subway once said, "Boy, your ankles must be FREEZING!").

I have to tell you (without malice, I promise!) that Joe Fresh is one of those companies that produces their clothes in Bangladesh. I had just finished shopping there when I saw the photo of a factory worker's hand coming out of the rubble of a collapsed factory, strewn with orange Joe Fresh tags. I know you mentioned in an earlier post that you try not to shop at these places (I think?) and I just wanted to let you know. I'm trying myself not to give these places my business anymore, as hard as it is, and you know what they say about the more you know.

That said, your blog is one of my absolutely FAVORITES! And I wish you all the success in the world in your new shop. Happy holidays!

Jentine said...

Hey Lauren,
Yeah, I know that about Joe Fresh:( I will say that they got the worst of the backlash over plenty of companies that hid behind Joe Fresh owning up to it... In the post where I got feisty with the lady, I totally admitted I do still shop fast fashion. Especially for pants and basics... I think part of it is that I don't know if I have an answer at all to the whole ethical shopping issue. I do not have a problem in and of itself with off shore production, I am not sure Canada is set up (or willing) to be a mass clothing producer ever again. And the factory jobs are sought after in those countries. I wish there was more accountability in terms of safety standards and working conditions. I think one of the only ways to make a change is to slow down the fashion cycle, to make purchases we like to own for the long run. Instead of just tossing cheap crap after two months. And I want to say more about it on my blog but I feel as a blogger with a giant closet I am a huge hypocrite. I am rambling, commenting ok my phone so this is bound to be a mess... I guess to sum it up I would say that I am by no means a perfect shopper and I am a fairly aware shopper so that makes it maybe even worse. I have and will continue to make a conscious effort to limit my 'mall brand' shopping... But really, thanks for commenting and making me feel accountable:)

Laura Wears... said...

Love that toque - the pom is great! I am also a sucker for a great statement scarf :)
I hear that the Hamilton-area got hit pretty hard by the storm - hope you are faring well...ideally with power...

albanian real estate said...

your winter outfit is really awesome....looking really wonderful.

Sorren Isler said...

Could you BE any more darling?! (said a la Chandler... clearly)

Seriously though, Canadian winter blogging at it's best.

snow? check
plaid? check
gorgeous winter coat? check
shoes not meant for snow? check

I love it all. All the best to you and your lovely shop! I hope to make it in sometime during 2014 :)

Jana Ramic said...

I adore that hat! The giant fluffy on the top is just THE best. I'm sad that it is kind of pricey for a hat (for me) :( I wonder if I could commission a friend to knit it for me?
I enjoy this outfit, all the winter classics are worked in here and the look is beautiful.

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