Out of The Rut


Skirt? Vintage Vest? Vintage rework, Modify your Closet Clutch? h&m Boots? Nine West (on sale here)

I noticed I've been wearing a lot of black outfits on my blog in the last while, so I told myself to add a little colour to my life. Which is why the last two posts have been all black outfits with one really loud and colourful piece..
Ooooh, wait, I just noticed I wasn't including my clutch, it's not basic black either! With two colourful and patterned pieces I would say I am busting out of my rut! Not that there is anything wrong with a chic monochromatic outfit, it's just an easy look to fall into especially when it gets to be colder outside. But considering it's not even mid November and we still have to go through the annual 'the snow looks so magical' to 'I hate snow so much' emotional cycle, it's a little early to sink into the winter uniform quite yet. 


Unknown said...

Awesome outfit! really liked the colors in the skirt.

Naomi said...

You look fantastic!


The Occasional Indulgence

Melissa said...

Love the clutch and vest!

Rebecca Jane said...

Looking fabulous as always. Love that plaid skirt

FabEllis said...

Love the outfit! Fabulous!

Amanda @ Life with A.Co said...

I loooove the little (BLACK) fur vest thing you got going' on here... and I'd say you've kicked the rut, two patterned pieces at once? Mission accomplished...

...I have to agree though, am loving me some black lately.

Nooooo winterrrrr #wahwah

Sara said...

Love the new blog format! You look beautiful as always.

Linda said...

Redesign looks BANGING!

Jennifer said...


xo Jennifer


Laura @ A Closet Full of Clothes... said...

Great look. I have been gravitating to black lately too...something about dreary weather and shorter days has me avoiding colour.
Love the new blog look :)