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Blanket Styling


Jacket? Vintage Pants? Joe Fresh (can't find them online and they are quite awesome)
  Pumps? Ralph Lauren (hereHat? Vintage Purse and belt? Thrifted

When I first saw this plaid knit goodness, I thought it was a blanket. Then I picked it up and judged it by the size and assumed it was a poncho. I saw that there was a split in the middle with an edge stitch and thought maybe this was a botched attempt at fixing a ripped poncho. This really makes no sense when I think about it but that is what flitted through my brain for a second there.
Finally I realized it was a sort of shawl and put it on properly. To give it some shape, I first looped the belt around the front and let the back free but then I thought if I looped the belt around the back of the shawl, it would look like a jacket from the back. I was really impressed with my own ingenuity. Until a few hours later when I noticed there was a button and a loop on the back pieces and I was wearing it exactly how it was meant to be worn. I am not such a trailblazer after all...
Other things I am not?


... on my phone or hailing a cab;)


Tinacious Me said...

What a great styling idea! I love this look!

steph said...

haha to the last pic.
u so funny.

Please may I? said...

Thats yet another great find.

I wonder if a blanket could be made into one those?

X x

Linda said...

I've been eyeing those pants in the store and keep saying "next time" saving up my pc points for those. #cheapass

Anonymous said...

Your poncho is fantastic, so colorful and cozy! Belting is was the perfect idea to make it super chic!

Cee. ♥
Code Overdressed

Unknown said...

That poncho blanket shawl is the most awesome thing ever and I want your legs still, you hot ass woman.

Katy Rose said...

I'm with you on loving ponchos this time of the year, even if they aren't necessarily considered the most fashionable items. Love the blue coloring of yours. - Katy

DressUpNotDown said...

I have bought that type of split poncho in Mexico before. I didn't think to belt it like that...mine didn't have a button and loop to clue me in either. :o)

Sara said...

You are so funny! Always brighten my day :)