Jacket? Pencey (more here) Top? All Saints, thrifted Jeans? Acne Boots? c/o La Canadienne, last year(here)
Clutch and necklace? Thrifted Pics by Julie

Between the ruffles on the blazer and the pick-ups on my shirt, I had a serious party going on in the back there. Or we can call all that ruffle-age my tail feathers...

I wore this a while back for a day of shopping and lunch out with Julie. Ladies of leisure we are, except when I dropped the leisure to try and cushion the fall of a teenage squirrel stuck in a tight rope situation... Yeah, attempted squirrel rescue is just another part of my day (seriously though, look at the pics Julie got of the little guy). 
Because it seems to rain when I hang out with Julie, we took shelter (and some pictures) under the overhang of an old train station. There was another guy waiting out the rain too, powering up his mobility scooter at an outlet in the station. In true Canadian fashion we both apologized profusely for getting in each others way. Thankfully there was more than enough room for blog photography, a recovering squirrel and some recharging. 

This post is turning out a little more random than I was hoping. It happens. 
Is it the weekend yet?


Belle de Couture said...

You thrifted All Saints?! Pretty darn cool... ;)

Awesome top and love that clutch!



A.Co said...

LOL!!! 'In true Canadian fashion we apologized profusely to one another...' hahahahahahaha soooo true. Oh jeeze.

Love the boots but lezbehonest, i come for the writing :) <3 ... well, and your pretty face.

Ladies in Navy said...

very cute boots!
kw ladies in navy

Anonymous said...

I love to read your stories, and that cute little squirrel is so adorbs! Love the ruffled blazer, the shape is fabulous!

Cee. ♥
Code Overdressed

Nikki said...

That's a really good thrift find, the All Saints top ^^ I really love it. And your white blazer is a very unique one as well ^^ xo

Anonymous said...

Thrift Queen! Squirrel rescuer! There's no end to your gifts!
<3 Gia

abbycake said...

All black is still one of my favorite ways to dress. Those boots are fabulous.
xx Abby | a geek tragedy

Leah said...

You're such a babe. Love this outfit on you for a day out.

Anonymous said...

These en-ville photos are great. For some reason they bring the mythic into reality, and it's all of a sudden, whoa, this babe really exists! Look, there she is on a street! Good try with the squirrel save. I'm sure it's fine.

amandromeda said...

i really really really love this outfit.