Leather vest? Thrifted (this jacket, sleeves cut off) Sweater? Old Navy  (here)
Boots? Holt's Last Call (very similar here)Clutch? Thrifted Cuff? Vintage, auction

This is one of the first real autumn outfits on the blog this year. But it's just an illusion because that day ended up getting really warm and I had to change to give my ankles some needed air exposure. The range of temperatures this fall is intense, it's hot and cold, like that Katy Perry song or something...

Even though I check the weather network and do the toe test every morning(stick my toes out the door without letting a cat out to get a feel for the temperature), I am often dressed wrong. I wore shorts to work outside on the coldest day of the year and I went home with no feeling in my legs. And then I wore a leather vest and leather over-the-knee boots when I could have sat on a patio with a dress and sandals. Basically if you see me out first thing in the morning, wear the opposite of what I have on and you will be dressed for the weather.
You are welcome. Dressing opposite of me is more reliable  than any weather network...


Natalie said...

You can totally pull off those thigh high boots! Killer!

Emily said...

I wish I could pull off a look like this, you're a hottie.
However, boots of that type would go all the way up to my boobs. Yup, thats right, my head comes to the height of your waist...

The weather has been stupid here too. They better not be wrong about the weekend because I want that sunny 20-something weather they predicted!

Sophie said...

I adore the leather vest. The weather is London is quite mild this week. Surprisingly as usually it's howling winds and rain!

Ladies in Navy said...

loving these boots!
kw ladies in navy

Sweetened Style said...

Awesome look! That vest is killer.

Unknown said...

woooweeeeeee this look is hot. I love those boots and you manage to not look nothing like a hooker, just like super pulled together and warm. I want a pair for myself now and that vest. You look gorgeous.

Leah said...

I can't believe the transformation from what that jacket looked like before. It's looks great as vest. Love this fall outfit (even on a hot day).

Merl said...

I love when I go to leave a comment and Andrea has already left one.. they never fail to elicit a giggle or two.

I need you to come visit again so that I can steal those boots. It's ok that they are too big, I'll just stuff those suckers full of clouds aka gel supports. Also, maybe I miss you a little. But mostly I want those boots.

Sydney Page said...

Oh wow. Totally love that jacket sans sleeves. Looks totally different.

Jony said...

Wow absolutely love this look on you!

x Jony

Sam said...

invested. I see what you did there, good one!

Secondhand Stella said...

I love the tan and gray combo.

DressUpNotDown said...

I was all checkin' out your vest...then my eyes went wide as I got a load of your boots! I am seriously jealous right now!!!


Lindsay Newton said...

Those boots. They are too good, I can't even.

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