Dressed Up and Somewhere To Go


Tuxedo pants? French Connection (similar here and here) Lace top? Vintage, Netty Vintage
Pumps? Ralph Lauren (the best pumps ever, worn way too much, here

This weekend I went with a friend to a private party for TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival).

I could leave the post like that just so you think we roll private party style.

But... we dressed up, took a bus into Toronto and stayed at the party for a maximum of 15 minutes. Turns out we are way too cool for private parties. Or, this particular one just wasn't our scene... Either way, we went on our way and had our own fun. We met a fake James Franco, saw a real Daniel Radcliffe and reprimanded a lady who then identified Daniel Radcliffe as 'the guy from Lord of the Rings'... There was more to the night than fake and real movie stars (I was high-fiving random tall people? really?) but I don't get to name drop often so, there you go... 

Oh yes, and this is what I wore for said adventures. I liked it. 


Dana said...

loving those pants on you - so pretty!

The Casual Classic

Anonymous said...

That party sounds so bizarre to me, king on fun but weird at the same time. I mean who doesn't know who Daniel R is? lol ... Anyways at least you looked fantastic in this look, the fit of those pants is fa-bu-lous!

Cee. ♥
Code Overdressed

myedit said...

Code Overdressed- Haha... Dan Rad was not at this party;) We saw him jump out of a car and run to a red carpet outside another club...

Bogi Bog said...

Beautiful blouse!

Jennifer said...

Love that top!

xo Jennifer


Lora said...

Those white pants are perfect. I think I need a pair in case I meet a fake Ryan Gosling.

Natasha said...

Yep...officially the coolest lady ever!

Jackie said...

I'm loving this outfit and I can see it being totally TIFF-appropriate. Not that I've been to any of the parties, but I imagine it would work.

Loved your guest post and your writing style!

xoxo Jackie