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Friends in Thrift Places


Dress and blazer? Thrifted Shoes? BCBGeneration Hat? Joe Fresh Clutch? Danier, thrifted

This is Elisha, she is not a friend from the internet, she is from real life. Shocking, someone without a blog... though you might have seen her in a post this last summer in all her wedding finery...
I noticed a few weekends back that she was wearing a great outfit that was primarily thrifted. I thought it would be cool to feature her on the blog, so Merl took her outfit pictures, while I sat back and giggled... because getting outfit pictures is fun but mostly ridiculous.
Elisha was nervous to pose. I gave her my most sage advice 'laugh at nothing, glance to the left and dance like no one is watching'. I'm kidding, she was clearly not laughing at nothing. That smile was genuine. I'm pretty sure I was saying some witty one liners off to the side. And even if they weren't that witty, she still would have laughed. That's the mark of a great friend right there....


What Lou Wore 365 said...

Wow what a beautiful girl! I remember Elisha from the wedding post in that amazing feather necklace. Stunning.

Ladies in Navy said...

beautiful! that clutch is perfect
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Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Elisha looks fabulous!

Apt description of having outfit pictures but mostly ridiculous. I was hoping the ridiculous would fade away, but I still feel it, maybe more so now that nice weather has arrived and there is likely to be 'normal' people watching me.

Sue xo

Unknown said...

She is gorgeous! Love the dress and the blazer.

Kira @ Little Daily Reflections said...

Those lashes!!! Please ask her to share her secret with the rest of us! ;)

Jennifer said...

She's really pretty!

xo Jennifer

Loulou said...

She is very cute and did a great job posing for outfit shots. You two look a lot alike ... Do people think you're sisters when you're out together?

DressUpNotDown said...

Ditto what Kira said! :o) And I too think y'all look alike. Laughter caught on film (memory card? hehe) makes for the best photos!

myedit said...

LouLou- Yup, we get mistaken for sisters a bit... I do think we look alike too, except for that foot of length that seperates us:)

Unknown said...

Wow, you gals do look a like! I am loving her dress - she looks so fancy and gorgeous!