Sweater? Thrifted Skirt? Thrifted  (very similar hereNecklace? Gift from Merl (here)  
Boots? Joe Fresh Hat? F21

I'm have bare legs... I'm wearing a parka... I'm sitting on my porch with wine... I'm huddled on my couch with my double blankets... The bulbs are up in the garden... There's a winter storm watch on the news...

This is how I would sum up our spring. And as much as it makes me feel restless and antsy and annoyed, I should also be grateful because it gives me something to talk about. In fact, all fashion bloggers should be grateful because there is nothing that fills in the gaps of writer's block, like weather talk.
Here's hoping that both the weather talk and the writer's block are on their way out the door...


Jennifer said...

Bloggers would be no where without finicky weather haha

xo Jennifer


Sophie said...

I adore those boots - they look perfect for every outfit!

Siena in Style said...

love these shoes!!
kisses from Milano

Ladies in Navy said...

love the sweater and the last photo
kw ladies in navy

DressUpNotDown said...

Makes for a variety of outfits, that's for sure. You look cozy and cool today, fun combo! :o)


newpetite said...

Love this outfit!

Tara Honeybird said...

I love the feathers on your hat band! It looks really interesting and helps make the outfit special.

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Life etc... said...

Haha bipolar weather is super annoying! But great for blogging about ;) Love the leather and knit combo, I'll be pulling out something like this when our weather finally cools down! :)


Sree Dadisetty said...

So true .. some times I feel like I sound like a weather reporter ..

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briannelee said...

Nothing beats a good thrifted fisherman's sweater. Love it!

toko baju muslim said...

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E said...

Man, you're reminding me I haven't been thrifting in much too long! and I can't believe that awesome hat is F21!

DC in STYLE said...

The hat is sooo cool and looks amazing with this outfit!

Anonymous said...

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