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Pants? Maison Scotch Shirt? Joe Fresh (bleached and sequined) Jacket? Ralph Lauren, thrifted 
Boots? Joe Fresh (similar here) Chest smushing hug? c/o me

I had hoped to take some out-of-town friends out for a hike along the Hamilton escarpment this weekend, but the weather wasn't looking fantastic and we went for a tour of Dundurn castle instead. Earlier this year, I went on this same tour with my dad, so I was pretty much thinking I didn't have to listen because I'm already an expert. Turns out I learned a lot of new information this time around too. However, with two tours under my belt, I do think I now officially know everything and I will be offering unauthorized, off-hours guided tours at a discounted price. We'll tour around the outside of the locked building at night and I will show you Iphone pictures of the inside rooms and tell you interesting historical facts.
I think this idea has potential...


The most interesting thing I learned this time was that ladies went swimming in giant flannel (yes, flannel!) dresses in the summer. They would also hire a coach to park along the water and block others from seeing them as the frolicked in flannel. I think that's messed up... If I'm going to the beach, I want everyone to see me in my tattoo style Ed Hardy bathing suit...

*Thanks to Pauly from photo280 for taking some outfit snaps after the tour. I  do think the first picture needs some hound dogs photoshopped in... 


Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

That first photo is a whole novel in itself. Love it! Your sequined shirt turned out beautiful!

Estherina said...

Love the slightly boyish feel of this look!

Step into Estherina's World

Heather said...

Love that blazer and the button details. You're absolutely right. That first pic def needs some hounds.



Jessica Gitler said...

love the photos and love what you did to that shirt, great idea!!

Consider Me Lovely said...

Denim, sequins, tweed, and olive...YEP!! Love it all together! Such a beautiful setting too.

The Purse-a-holic said...

Would be neat to see that flannel modernized ;-)

Confessions of a Purse-a-holic

Melody said...

I'd take that tour!

Minus the flannel.

Betsy said...

gimmie those pants.


rose said...

Your posts make me miss Hamilton! I used to live there during school and Dundurn Castle is so pretty.

Following now via google reader :)


Jennifer said...

pants love!

xo Jennifer


newpetite said...

Haha.. Love the pic with the umbrella!

compradora anonima said...

totally love this look

fashioningmylife said...

Sequins always make everything look soo different! Love them! and very nice jacket