How Stella* Got Her Groove Back

Skirt? Thrifted Top? Thrifted Jacket? Maison Scotch, bought in Holland (can't find it online but this is the crazy version... it's shiny and on sale so I want it) Boots? Ash, Winners (here) Wristlet? Coach, bridesmaids's gift

It happens every winter. I fall into a bit of a wardrobe rut. In real life, a wardrobe rut can only be cured by Stacey and Clinton surprising you with secret footage as you eat a burrito in your sweats. With a trip to New York, a new haircut and a 'you deserve this' speech, you are ready to show off your new found style. In a fashion blogger's life, it's just a self indulgent phase where you stare at your over-flowing closet and declare you have nothing to wear. It takes all your self control not to run to Zara, throw your credit card(s) on the counter and buy the entire new collection. Because if I can't dress myself anymore, Zara can...

And then I get a grip. Sometimes I think there is so much inspiration on pinterest, instagram and other blogs that I forget that I like my style. |It always feels a bit awkward talking about how much I like my own outfit but after a slump, it feels good to say that I love how this looks. Or in the words immortalized by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, this outfit makes me feel like I am 'back in the game!' (tell me you remember that... Go to 3:27...).

*Wherein Stella may be replaced with Jentine


Nikki @ The Ginger Diaries said...

I'm having one of those ruts. It's even harder not to run to zara now that they are having a sale... Anyways, I LOVE that show with Stacey and I LOVE your red skirt! have a great week! x

Please may I? said...

We all have them but thankfully most of us like you try to resist the calling of the trendy clothes stores.

X x

We So Thrifty said...

10 Things Love About This Post:
Okay I'm not going to make a list, but I would like some credit for catching the reference without even clicking on the link. I love me some JGL. And your midi-length skirt!

Terri said...

I get that way all the time. This outfit is gorgeous.

Eleanor said...

Instead of the burrito, I ate some buttery noodles in my sweats. But Clinton and Stacey didn't come....sniff.

P.S. Only YOU could make a skirt that length look hot. I would look like an Oompaloompa trapped in a red tent.

Susanna said...

I love the outfit, especially the shoes! I've wanted to get a pair like them for a while but am a little afraid I won't know exactly how to wear them!;)

And I recognize the Gordon-Levitt line..."10 Things I Hate About You" I believe? One of my favorite movies and I love the way Julia Stiles dresses in it!:)

Anonymous said...

The red skirt...you have inspired an idea of my "own."

Kat said...

Jentina, I find you really speak to bloggers. I can't tell you how many times I've read one of your posts that put into words (often very funny ones) something I've felt but not expressed. I've been on a tear since I started blogging, finding inspiration EVERYWHERE (that rock! it's the perfect shade of grey). But I find myself in a similar rut, resolved not by a shopping trip but gritted teeth and determination to find some new life in my own closet. You clearly did, and how!

Laura Whitman said...

I totally know what you mean! I had a friend going through my closet the other night declaring how many beautiful clothes I had and I stomped my foot and said, "NO! I am in a fashion rut. I need new clothes." I having been debating with the idea to start a fashion blog on my own for awhile and I have been using my fashion rut as an excuse, but it will happen soon!

Leah said...

How could I not know that line...it's only from one of my ultimately long-time favourite movies! I could hear it perfect in my head lol.

xo L.
(love the old school volvo head-rests)

Flight Attendant Extraordinaire said...

Where to even start? I am also in a rut this winter. Last year was the year I got rid of more than 75% of my closet and what is left is still a little mismatched and random. Plus, I found myself bringing home more bottoms than tops while shopping and, well, one needs tops to wear with bottoms. Society expects that. So I feel your rut-related pain.

And also. Joseph Gordon-Levitt. That's all that really needs to be said about that. He is my Celebrity Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free Card.

newpetite said...

The gorgeous skirt and shiny top combo!

Lauren said...

First, thank you for the JGL reference in "10 Things I Hate About You" :). Priceless! And it makes me miss Heath Ledger even more!!

And this might be one of my favorite write-ups, because I too, often, wish for Clinton and Stacey to surprise me with $$ for a new wardrobe, whilst eating a burrito in my sweats, when I am in wardrobe rut. Thank you for the reminder that there is inspiration out there even if I don't think its in my closet.

Fab outfit by the way :).

Katie, Interrobangs Anonymous said...

Ah, we totally had a "10 Things I Hate About You" quoting contest at work today!

"I like my Sketchers, but I love my Prada backpack."

Estherina said...

Great outfit! Love the jacket!

Step into Estherina's World

his_girl_friday said...

That look is so great. The shoes make it!

Greetings from Texas! said...

Eating a burrito in sweats sounds good right now. Are you cool with that being my "take-away" from this post?

Jess said...

I forgot What Not to Wear! That used to be my favorite show in college. I always wanted to win a trip to NYC and the $3,000, but knew they'd make me throw away every last hoodie I owned. :)

Tori said...

Fabulous Look! I love the red-orange skirt :)

Bri said...

Love the movie reference, I'm not sure I can see this movie too many times.... Watching Heath in those combat boots as a teenager and thinking why don't guys around here have cool style like this???

As per usual this outfit is fabulous, your thrifty finds never cease to amazing me.... Clothing ruts and nothing to wear with an overflowing closet definitely no fun and all these 50% off at VV not helping my very full closet....

Jeanne said...

Everyone knows I love Stacy and Clinton so I live in fear they will show up....and they won't be able to do a thing with me.

girl in the poodle shoes said...

Man do I love your jacket… loving the leather sleeves

Girl in the Poodle Shoes

Cassi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cassi said...

Your blog totally wits me into a verbal frenzy :)

Fabulously Average said...

you crack me up. that is all:)

Lovers, Saints & Sailors said...

I know what you mean! It's so easy to get caught up in all the gorgeous new "looks" every season (not to mention every day you discover a new blog online) and forget that we've got pretty damn fantastic style ourselves!

Also, this post title could apply to your cat too, right? Or does he always maintain his groove?

Lindsey N. said...

I'm getting myself out of one of those ruts right now! I love the length of that skirt...it's perfect for you!

Lindsey Soup

Anonymous said...

I will be singing this same song numerous times over the next 11 months, looking for inspiration where ever I can find it! I have taken a vow of abstinence where shopping is concerned for the next year, one month down.

Bek W said...

Of COURSE I remember that! How could I ever forget??

(looooooovvee Joseph Gordon-Levit)

Katie Q. said...

Wow, I am nuts about your photo shoot location, its stunning and hunting at the same time!

Er...on to the outfit, I love the bright red of your skirt, it jUst jumps out! (And your jacket is pretty nifty too....)

Meg said...

loving that skirt lots.

Jennifer said...

Love the bold red skirt!

xo Jennifer


Free Coupon said...

I love your bright red skirt!!!

Veronica said...

So, I guess I am watching 10 Things I Hate About You tonight. I didn't even know, until just now. Love that red skirt.

Trends by sevi said...

Lovely outfit


IrishRedRose said...

LOVE that outfit, especially the red skirt and the boots! And I am wondering--WHERE did you take these shots? That's an incredibly atmospheric location! is that an empty swimming pool or what? and that house! wow! spooky.

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