Thrift Day. A Guest Scarf Thrifter.

Special treat! Katie from Interrobangs Anonymous is doing a guest post! I like to think I am awesome at thrifting (humility is a way of life for me) but one of the things I don't look for enough are good silk scarves. In my defense, the scarf area at my favourite thrift store is right beside the bathroom and that is kind of a mood killer but I think I need to get over it because I am clearly missing good stuff. Tell me why Katie... !


Last week I caused little old ladies in my local thrift store to clutch their pearls in horror. I’m sorry it happened, but what else are you supposed to do when you find a designer silk scarf for $0.99? You thrust your fist into the air and yell, “It’s Givenchy, bitch!” Obviously.

I’ve had my share of fantastic finds while thrifting, but when you factor in material, designer, original cost and thrift store cost, the best deals I’ve ever gotten have been on silk scarves. In these days of pashminas, hipster keffiyehs and those circle/infinity scarves that I always get tangled in, you may think that there’s no place in your wardrobe or lifestyle for the square and oblong silk scarves made popular by grannies the world over. But you’re wrong. Silk scarves are fantastic fashion accessories and one of the best finds at a thrift store. Get ready: I’m about to start waxing in a poetic nature.


Luxurious. In a world full of synthetic fibers, there’s something so elegant, sophisticated, and even regal about wearing silk – even the wrinkles are expensive looking. Did Grace Kelly wear polyester? Well, maybe. I don’t know her closet. But since the woman once made a sling for her arm out of Hermes scarf, I think she was staying away from the synthetics.
Designer. Well, not all of them. But take a good look at the tags on most silk scarves in thrift stores and you’ll find names like Dior, Prada, Givenchy, Chanel, Vera, Liberty, DvF and Valentino.
A Fantastic Way to Add Oomph to an Outfit. I can’t think of an easier way to add layers, color, texture or pattern to an outfit than by throwing on a silk scarf. One piece and boom, you’re done!
Versatile. I’ve worn my silk scarves tied around my head, draped over the front of a dress, wrapped as a toga, cinched as a belt, looped as a bracelet, tied in a bow and, in the case of a particularly huge specimen, as a knee-length skirt.
Cheap. In thrift stores where the staff knows what they’re doing, the difference between a silk dress and a synthetic dress is steep. The difference between a silk scarf and a synthetic scarf? There isn’t one. Go for scarves and you can buy silk for a song.
Easy to Find. Every thrift store has a scarf section and most people (fools) aren’t looking through it. All the more for you (insert the sinister laugh of an evil but very stylish villain here)!
Season-less. One of the amazing properties of silk is that it warms you up in winter and cools you down in summer. So unlike that chunky knit cowl that will give you heat stroke as soon as April arrives, a silk scarf always feels comfortable, no matter the temperature.
Timeless. I’m probably not going to wear those acid-washed skinny jeans in ten years (actually, I’m not even going to wear them now). But the silk scarf I thrifted last week? I’ll be 80 and still wearing that thing. That’s because silk scarves, with their classic shapes and gorgeous material, are always in style.
Durable. Give me any sort of knit and I will inevitably snag it. But my silk gets stabbed with pins, threaded through chain, tied and retied in knots, and it’s fine.
Caterpillars! For all the animal lovers out there, there are few ethical, ecological and legal animal accessory options available. Ivory, feathers, and fur are outlawed, or at least strongly frowned upon, and for good reason. But silk? Silk can be reared and harvested sustainably in ways that resources from larger animals cannot. And caterpillars are so cute!


Silk Scarf Thrifting Tips

Learn to Feel Quality. With just a little practice, you can learn to recognize silk by touch. This is especially handy for scarves, as it’s common for the fabric label to be absent. I go to thrift stores and am able to simply run my hands along the rows of scarves to pick out the silk ones.
Look for Damage. Because silk is so durable, it’s rare to find a scarf with more damage than a frayed edge. If you do find a scarf with snags, runs and/or holes, it’s likely that the fabric is quite old and will have to be treated with care.
Clean Carefully. As with all thrift finds, you want to clean your silk scarves. Dry cleaning is the safest route but, if you’re cheap like me, you can wash them at home. Depending on when the scarf was made (and you probably won’t know), dyes can run, so you want to be careful. Usually some tepid water, mild dish detergent, and a white vinegar rinse will be enough to protect and clean most scarves, but be sure to do a test-patch first!

Silk Scarf Wearing Tutorials
Liberty London - a fantastic series of videos on how to wear silk scarves and speak in adorable French accents. http://www.youtube.com/user/thelibertylondon
Super Kawaii Mama - how to be adorable and retro with our scarves, and gives us yet another accent to practice! http://www.superkawaiimama.com.au/2010/03/26/3-easy-ways-to-tie-a-headscarf-retro-style/
Hermes – Scarf-tying techniques from the masters. http://usa.hermes.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/PlayTimeView?storeId=10202&catalogId=10052&langId=-1#


(p.s. Yen here... A while back a reader sent me this great link concerning thrifting scarves too... check it)

Get Thrifting!


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Kaylan said...

This post is perfect. I was just contemplating the versatility of thrifted silk scarves last night. Why, you ask? Because not only can you wear them, you can use them for DIY projects. I just moved into a new apartment and it's still a bit sparse. I'm on a budget so I have been on the lookout for cheap (or free!) furniture. Someone in my building was moving out and left a beautiful wooden bench behind for someone to adopt. Only problem? The two arm rests on either end had been chewed by the owner's dog pretty badly. I thought about trying to sand it down, sawing off the chewed parts, but decided that wouldn't be optimal. Solution? Use a $0.99 silk scarf on each end (one snakeskin print, one floral) to tie around the arm rest, complete with a bow. Now I have an awesome bench that I've made my own. SILK SCARVES CAN RULE THE WORLD.

Anonymous said...

Both of your blogs are must-reads for me, so it's such fun when worlds collide! I've taken her silk scarf advice to heart before, and hearing most of it again with some new tidbits is a treat. Great feature!

Anonymous said...

I own all of two scarves and neither of them are silk. I'm going to start looking a bit harder now. I'll need one in every color. Great tips, Katie and thank you, Jentine.

406 Olivia said...

Love this! I've thrifted many-a silk scarf, but really have no idea what to do with 'em. Great info here.

Gracey said...

Great advice, Katie (or should I call you Guesty?). I love the thrifting and but I am not as into silk scarves as I obviously should be. I do have a couple that I love (one is black and white buildings and the other is birds doing insane things (it's hard to explain)) but I just don't wear them often enough. I'm going to work on that. A lot.

Katie, Interrobangs Anonymous said...

Is it wrong how much I love that first photo of me? I figured a post about silk deserved a classy (with a "k") photo to go with it.

Thanks for letting me gab about scarves, lady; it was super fun!

Someone said...

Great post. It seems that silk (and other silky-type) scarves are making a real comeback among younger style mavens these days. It's what I would call an actual trend (as opposed to the so-called "trends" dictated to us by the fashion media).

Thrifting scarves really is a super way of kicking up a wardrobe for next to nothing! Sadly, though, there are some thriftstablishments that damage all their scarves by STAPLING price tags on right through the fabric. Silk is durable, yes, but I've seen many a pretty item ruined by this barbaric practice. Would someone issue a memo please?

My Heart Blogged said...

I love scarves from the thrift store. I'm going to check mine out more often. I would love to find some great designer ones.
My Heart Blogged

Natasha said...

What a lovely post!
I love silk scarves so much, but in the last few years I've been having such a hard time finding them at thrift stores...or when I did they jacked up the prices because everyone was buying thrifted scarves!

Be Sure To Enter My Exposed Envy Giveaway!

thatdamngreendress said...

My trips to Value Village generally include a scarf- sometimes because it matches something else in an interesting way, or today because it was a most awesome intense lime green striped silk. And also a non-silk scarf in brown with terrific amorphous blobs pictured on it!
Thanks katie- I'm following what you and your interrobangs buddies are up to now!

Little Monarch said...

i am totally with you on this. I've picked up a liberty print and an oscar de la renta at my local thrift store both for NZ 50cents each! BARGAIN. Also loads of oroton ones too (though think this is an NZ label).

those tricks said...

I find beautiful designer scarves for pennies all the time, as well. A hand-rolled-edges vintage emanuel ungaro was a recent thrift find for $.99 that melted my heart. It got a special post complete with EXTREME close ups.

Anonymous said...

Yes!! Wow, I have thrifted so many beautiful silk scarves--including designer/couture and sought-after vintage labels. My favorite secondhand store hangs all scarves and shawls together, and nothing is more than $4. Sometimes heavier scarves (like a gorgeous NWT Bob Mackey velvet scarf backed in satin that I grabbed!) end up with the winter scarves and hats, so it is worth checking that area, as well. Velma

Anjela said...

Great post! Totally true too; I've got a mini suitcase filled with gorgeous silk scarves I've bought all for under $2 each!
One time I scored an Oscar de la Renta silk scarf for $.99 and the sweet lady at the cash didn't even charge me tax (that's the benefit of the smaller, independent owned thrift shops! Value Village would never let that slide!)

One Day in April said...

Love the scarf!!!

x Melody


Anonymous said...

I was going through a site and I think the animal print is fantastic with a good price for a silk scarf. I found that in some branded stores the same material was for £70


hope you all will like it


Audrey said...

I got an AMAZING YSL scarf from my churches thrift store for only $2


thatdamngreendress said...

Found a Hermes tie in perfect condition today for .99 cents!!! couldn't believe it when I saw that H on the back...

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