Aunty Awesome






Wool skirt? Thrifted
Sweater? F21
Boots? Holt Renfrew Last Call
Clutch? Thrifted

This weekend Matt and I talked about things we have never talked about before.

Which vehicle should take the car seat in the morning?
What time does kindergarten end?
What is the appropriate fruit to dunkeroo ratio for children?
Is it OK to have markers in bed if the kids are playing nicely?
More importantly, is it OK to have Oreo Cakesters in bed?

We have two young ladies staying at out house for a week or so and it only took three hours for our rather formal dining room to be covered in sequins and glue. They are both really sweet girls but it's still a major adjustment. I've curbed my swearing and swept two times in two days... big life changes. And then just to test our temporary roles of guardianship, it snowed twice on the weekend so I was gone plowing for a majority of the time. Matt also has responsibilities in snow emergencies (that's what we like to call them... it inflates our sense of self importance), so we tag teamed all weekend to do what had to be done. And that is how I am sitting here right now, a touch delirious, with only 1 hour of sleep in the last 36 hours. But it's worth it if I can be an awesome aunt to these girls.

And speaking of Awesome Aunts... my one niece told me that she liked my skirt but that she would change the sweater. I told her that I would change her face. And then I bought her a purse and some books. This is a true story.



Lovers, Saints & Sailors said...

Haha, what a fantastic conversation.

Out of curiosity, what was the final call on the markers in bed?

P.S I wouldn't change the sweater.

The Suburb Experiment said...

I wouldn't change the sweater, either. I love my two kids (under age 3) but their fashion sense is crap.

I kid, I kid. About their fashion sense, not loving them. They're the best. :) And I DO wear stuff sometimes because it's got the thumbs up from the Dunkaroo crowd. I end up wearing some interesting stuff because it's been deemed a "princess dress".


Lindsey N. said...

I want this entire outfit. In my closet. Yesterday. Please and Thank you.

Lindsey Soup

Katie, Interrobangs Anonymous said...

Sooo...I'd change the sweater, too.* I'll be expecting my purse and books in the mail.

*Would I actually change the sweater? Or am I just pandering to the promise of presents? Since you can't be sure, send the presents anyway.

Dylana Suarez said...

The skirt is gorgeous! I love it so much!



Anonymous said...

You must be exhausted. Lovely skirt...but what sweater did she propose you wear?

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous skirt, the color and lenght are just perfect for you! It's totally ok to have Oreo Cakesters in bed, cannot think of a better way to get pampered! You looked lovely!


Nadine said...

Love the outfit, LOVE the skirt! Fantastic colour and wool as well . . wowza.

Hooked on Shoes said...

The colour of that skirt is amazing! I would've never thought of pairing it with grey, but hey, you get away with it. ;)

I look at your outfits and I think to myself that I seriously (SERIOUSLY) need to go thrifting soon.

Anja said...

you are looking awesome! I love the skirt!
Good job with the little girls, you are a rocking aunt!

J'Anns Boutique said...

Change her face lol, sounds like something I would say to my niece too. Loving the skirt!

Confessions of a Purse-a-holic

briannelee said...

Hahahahaha, you are funny.

Love the color of that skirt!!!!

FutureLint said...

Well I wouldn't change a thing, so good you told that little girl what's what. I can't wait for my sister to start having kids so I can be the cool snarky aunt.

Taylor Renee said...

That skirt rocks! I never know if I can pull off long skirts like that since I'm so short! You look fantastic!

Veronica said...

OMG! your skirt is wonderful!
I like your outfit and your blog!
Follow me? I'll be very happy if you do it!
Thank you so much!

Sara K.S. Hanks said...

What sweater did she have in mind, exactly? I personally love this look - it's all pulled-together and chic, but you've definitely let the skirt be the focal point. It's just as it should be. Truly awesome!

Santina said...

Now I'm really kicking myself. I was back in the States on a visa run this weekend and debated this sweater while shopping. I didn't buy it. Why? I have no idea. It looks fabulous, and that skirt is amazing on you!

those tricks said...

A tiny girl with thumb in mouth came up to me at Buffalo Exchange yesterday and told me she thought my shoes were cute.

Also adorable?
Your bright pink skirt.

Anna said...

Those are some tough questions....

LOVE the color of that skirt! And the length is fantastic! Looks great on you!

Toni said...

If you lived closer to me, I would steal this outfit from you.

Between Laundry Days said...

I would absolutely NOT change the sweater, as it makes this outfit patently badass.

Also, it's always okay to eat Oreo Cakesters in bed.

kelsey said...

Ha! I love this story. I am a proud aunt but know that it would completely change my life if they came to stay with us. Props to you! And I personally adore this outfit :)

Savannah said...

haha classic, you are so funny! You're killing it in this skirt! I love it


silvergirl said...

I adore this outfit
I love the gray with the fuchsia
That skirt is so super!

RoseH said...

Next blog post idea: have your neices dress you up. I'd like to see what they come up with. Fun times! You're such a good auntie!!

Natalya's Closet said...

Gorgeous skirt! XOXO, www.NatalyasCloset.com

Gracey said...

This skirt is amazing. And I think you've styled it brilliantly (feel free to ignore the child on that front).


Fashion Therapist said...

Thank you for reminding me why I love being an aunt and why I can't be a mom just yet. :)

A.Co said...

LOL I like how you'd change her face. Nice Yen, reeeeeeaaaaaaal nice.

I'm diggin' the magenta and grey togethah forevuh.

A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

joceline said...

oh, i love this outfit! wish I could wear long skirts like this, and the slouchy sweater is unexpected and great!

Kari said...

I would have killed to have an aunty awesome when I was growing up!

joelle van dyne said...

haha i love how kids are so honest about things. i babysat once in some grey doc martin boots, and the little girl said to me "those are some crazy boots!" and i said "oh, you like them?", and she said "no, i really don't like them at all. i meant crazy in a bad way", lol. anyway, i love your skirt too, and would NOT change the top.

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

I'm LOVING the bright color of your skirt! You look gorgeous as usual!


wardrobeexperience said...

wow ... your pinkish skirt is so adorable. love it.


Anonymous said...

Wow...i totally wanna come to Canada and go thrifting with you. Simply amazing!

Love your blog girl!

<3 Megan

Christen said...

I am absolutely obsessed with the shape and color of that skirt and I'm glad you didn't change the sweater. It strikes the perfect balance! Enjoy spending time with the munchkins!

amanda said...

i love that you told her that you'd change her face. that is totally something i'd tell my son if he said something to me about my shirt!!! i know, i'm a super mature mom :) but i adore the shirt with this skirt!! just brilliant.

Becky said...

Holy moley! Loooove that skirt! (and ur entire blog but who's counting.)

katou said...

What a conversation kids!!!
i love this skirt the shape is amazing and the colour is breathetkaing

April said...

gorgeous gorgeous skirt - this outfit reminds me of the scene in Sex and the City 2 when Carrie is in the market and runs into Aiden :D


T.B.H. said...

Trust Miss CT to make a comment like that, she`d probably pair the fushia skirt with a purple sequined my lil pony T! With white fluffy boots! Haha this make me laugh!

Anonymous said...

holy smokes i love that skirt.
i need to go thrift shopping, pronto.

HuntGatherFashion said...

Ah-mazing post! Isn't it funny to play grown up lady guardian person for a day or two? Makes you THINK about being a parent...new respect for that job!!
Fighting the snow in my own way in toronto. Can't wait to retire the boots and large coat. Spring, soon.
Ahh...not soon enough.

Caro said...

I love your sense of humor! And that skirt is fabulous; you paired it well with that sweater. Tell your niece that she needs to respect your style choices. :) Then buy her something nice.

Brittany D'Lynne said...

Well I love your skirt AND your sweater! I can't believe it so cold there...brr. I'm so ready for summer.

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