The Dating Game



Jacket? Braemar, thrifted
Skirt? h&m
Tights? ?
Tee? Joe Fresh
Flowers? h&m
Booties? maxstudio, Winners
Purse? Claudia Firenze, Winners
Bracelets? gifted and bought from the crazy lady at The EX.

Matt and I went on a date yesterday. Which isn't really a big deal, I suppose. We're a young, childless couple with time to kill (we could debate that...). It's just that we are social people and any time we plan anything, we always end up inviting friends. Hence, more often than not, our intimate dinner plans turn into a group dinner with an after-party at our house. I love those last-minute evenings with friends but at the end of the night, I've hardly seen or talked to Matt because I was too busy discussing responsible pet ownership, sparkly clothing and birth with the ladies (obviously, I don't contribute to the birth conversation so much, it's just that A LOT of my friends have recently had babies and so it comes up occasionally (and by occasionally I mean often... I'm pretty much an expert on birthing right now, so if you have any questions, ask away...)). Wow, that was a long sentence...ramble much?

Anyways, last night we decided to go out... just the two of us. A quick little outfit shoot, a few vodka, water, bar-limes (for me), Foster's (for him), nachos, an apple blossom (for me) and brownies (for him) = a good night. I think I could handle going on dates with Matt for the rest of my life...:)


Nadine said...

Gorgeous ensemble - hope your huz appreciated it . . !

Kyla said...

I really love this - the skirt, the flower, the jacket - it's such a PERFECT date look!

K. Julien said...

cute date outfit :)

Clothes Are Cute

gina said...

Very pretty outfit. I love the skirt and jacket and flower.

Clare said...

Date nights are the best! You look stunning, and I love your photo location.

Megan Wolf said...

so glad that the two of you got to have a little date night to yourselves! totally know what you mean about it turning into a group date, always used to happen with the hubby and I before the move. Its nice to have a little time with just you and your man every now and again. Great outfit. love the material of the skirt, and those flowers on the jacket are just adorable! really cute look. you pretty much always knock it out of the ball park, even when you aren't really trying. kinda hate ya for that. lol. and p.s. your comment about babies, so funny. glad your a birthing expert, I will keep it in mind! ha.



E said...

Ah, my husband and I are the same way - we always seem to invite other people on our "dates." I love that gray skirt, btw. Looks very chic and expensive.

Amy said...

Perfect date outfit, obviously. Love the skirt :)

Whitters said...

cute! :)

Dylana said...

Beautiful skirt!


chic said...

You two are too cute! And I LOVE the outfit, that Claudia Firenze purse is awesome!

Hope you have many many more lovely date nights ahead! S.

Linda said...

Thats funny, it never turns into a group date for us....we kinda don't like other people...we only like each other. I know what you guys are like though. You got dessert???? Way to show him who is worth it!

Linda said...

PS> way to work it infront of a graffiti wall....fashion blogger

Christen said...

The outfit is obviously flawless, but I really love your undone updo. Your hair just look so pretty. And the fabric that skirt is made of is gorgeous!!!

Aren't date nights fun? They always remind me how much fun I have when it's just the two of us. And I am worried that now that all of my friends are married I will have to hear those same birthing conversations very soon!

Anonymous said...

Love the high waisted skirt!



Fell 4 Fashion said...

Yeah for date night! Gorgeous skirt!

briannelee said...

Aw, so cute. I love date nights! I have a similar skirt, but mine is a vintage skating skirt I think. I like the way it looks with the blazer... might have to copy :)

Anonymous said...

Let me first start out by saying: Wow, such a lovely date outfit!! You look absolutely perfect from head to toe!

Second: I know just what you mean.... the same thing happens when my bf and we try to plan a date nights. I love hanging with friends, but it is SO important to have nights alone once and a while.

So glad you two finally got your alone date! :)



La Mimi said...

I like what you did with your hair:)


Taylor Sterling said...


Anonymous said...

feminine yet edgy. love it. your hair always looks so gorgeous. would love a how to post or video...think about it:)

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Really nicely composed outfit. Date night sounds like fun.

Chelsea said...

okay your last sentence made me have a little "awwww!" moment. you look smashing, as always, especially in that flouncy skirt!

calivintage said...

that sounds like such a wonderful evening! me and my boyfriend have also had to start making a concerted effort to go out on special dates just me and him! and you look so cute in this outfit, too!

Boutique Girl said...

I am in love with that skirt!

issa said...


Diane said...

this outfit is absolutely adorable! love every piece of it!

Anonymous said...

Love that skirt! And it's so cute you guys have date night and get dressed up - I want more of those nights!

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