A Plane Outfit


Ruffle shirt? Gap
Cargo shorts? Diesel, inherited from Linda
Shoes? thrifted, haha, total grandpa shoes...
Belt? Michael Kors, Winners
Bag? Roots, thrifted
It's embarrassing to admit how much thought I put into my travelling outfit. I wanted to be stylish, comfy and ready for hot or colder weather. Then I kinda realized that I'm going to look really tired, no matter what, when I land in London, so I put anything fabulous away. Despite that, I like how this outfit worked together. I look like I might be doing more than gossipping, shopping and partying with some old university friends, kinda like I have my life figured out. Funny! I might have worn a dress but I'm flying Ghetto Airlines (really, that's their name) and leg room is at a premium. Sitting like a lady will be secondary to comfort.
So, I'm off! I do hope to post, though it may be more sporadic...
Love you Matt! See you next Tuesday in the homeland(on our anniversary!) xo


Kyla said...

I'm soo jealous. And that bag is AMAZING!!!! I want it sooooo bad!

vitaMinn style said...

I am so impressed with your thrifting skills! I might just have to hit our local thrift stores here this weekend to hunt for some fabulous goodies! =)

Have fun in London! =)

Daer0n said...

Very nice! i love your shirt, and how you did your hair, it looks very cute! you look super comfy, yet stylish! :)

Little Monarch said...

ghetto airlines? that makes me laugh. I love this outfit I think id wear it in everyday situations not just on the plane :-)

C said...

Ghetto Airlines, seriously?? That's incredible. Well, you look amazing, as usual! Have a great trip!!!

Linda said...

My dress looks hot and I promise to be thinner when you get back.


Secondhand Stella said...

Hahahahahahahaha, that is hysterical!

Have an awesome time in London!!!!

Danielle said...

Great traveling look!! Have fun!!!

Unknown said...

cute outfit for traveling. nothing can be more comfy than cargo shorts. Have i told you what a fantastic bag that is. have fun.

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

Pretty blouse. Personally, I think quality travel outfits require thought...if only for temperature control and comfort!
P.S. I do hope you do "a picture an hour" post--it's always interesting to see what people choose to capture.

Maria Chloe said...

Hehe thats funny.
I love hohw your outfit goes with each other.

Eva said...

I LOVE it when people plan plane outfits! I do it as well. Especially on longer flights it's so important. Your outfit is perfect - practical AND stylish. Nice hair too!

Ms. Falcon said...

what a lovely blouse...
in early october i will go to ny fo six days... and I'm already thinking about my travelling wardrobe. It's driving me crazy!


Amber Lucas A Mused Blog said...

Well, you're not the only one who stresses over what to wear on the plane! I do too! I just flew yesterday, and I did the same.

Bon voyage!



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