Dream Closet

I love my closet. The heaps of vintage sequins, the dresses that caused me super guilt when I splurged on them and the vintage finds that have made me dance in Goodwill. My closet is my happy place. However, there is one person I would do a closet switch with. My friend S from London. Her world travels, combined with her instincts for great deals and her slight lack of self control (denial is the first symptom) have resulted in a rather awesome collection, especially in dresses. Prada, Marc Jacobs fight for space with vintage DvF and Amanda Wakeley and I can only dream. Happily, we are the same size (wise friend choices I make) and she is generous (an even wiser choice) so when we go out and play, I may choose what I want to borrow. It's weird, this time, I skipped the silks and designer labels and went straight for some good old polyester. Apparently, this dress was S's mom from the 70's and I felt a little like a Charlie's Angel. My only mission? To have fun (that was a cheesy line...).

Dress? vintage, borrowed from S
Belt? Michael Kors, Winners
Shoes? Steve Madden , DSW


S2's rolled silk and leather Amanda Wakely pumps. So pretty. When I pet them, they purred.

C asking if she should wear earrings... I voted no. Her shirt (hard to see) had awesome, massive shoulder pads. Seriously massive. Like there were dutchie donuts stuffed into each shoulder (and for those Tim Horton's followers, I'm talking about the dutchies pre 2002, before everything came frozen and premade from the donut factory.) I'm rambling but the point of the story is that her shoulders were so great, no earrings were necessary.

We clean up ok.

I've been in Holland for almost a week already but I did a London post to try and keep things chronological despite the limited posting. I need to catch up big time back at home...


Farrielle Design and Fashionista said...

Love your outfit, gorgeous shoes, How was Holland, r u Dutch? Did you had any patat and frikandel?

Linda said...

"S" is an overly generous person with a very kind heart. If she bought a brand new pair of louboutins and you said you liked them she'd probably give em to you...hmmm...."S" I like you Louboutins...

gina said...

Love your dress. Fun belt too!

God Made Me fuNky said...

Ohhh your dress is just perfect....love love it and the belt adds just the right amount of drama to it. It so great to have friends who share your taste and size in clothing

MARISA said...

that is a STUNNING outfit

you guys both look gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

pretty soft feminine dress. love how you put the leopard belt and heels with it. sort of toughened it up. you all looked gorgeous.

vitaMinn style said...

Lovely dress, can't believe it's already 3 decades old! I agree with the post above, the leopard print belt was a touch of a nice surprise to contrast the so feminine ruffles of hte dress!

Enjoy the rest of your vacation. =)

Fell4fashion said...

You all are gorgeous! Great dresses!! :)

briannelee said...

Ah! How did I miss your new posts?

I love love love your dress and those shoes are soooo lovely! Hope you are having a great trip!

Sher said...

What a great friend! And love that leopard belt over your dress :)

The Thrifty Stylist said...

damn, what do you only hang out with models? you're all so freaking hot.

AsianCajuns said...

Wow! you all look fantastic. That vintage dress is gorgeous on you.

wardrobeexperience said...

lovely dress! the leopard belt paired with it looks amazing!


Anonymous said...

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