Dress? Vintage via A Darling and A Dear (she sells at my shop and has a blog too!) Shoes? Guess, thrifted 
Mesh clutch? Vintage Cuff? Vintage (very similar one on my Etsy) Sunglasses? Tom's

I'm always excited to find a new colourful good wall to use for my professional modelling career. Matt's always excited for good walls too because they enhance his professional iPhone photography career. We're just a bunch of professionals over here...
Joking aside, we all know I love a good wall. It adds something fun as a background but mostly it keeps picture taking super efficient. And efficiency is the most important part to maintaining a happy marriage and a blog that has gone on for too many years. When I have a good wall in full shade, I know how the pictures are going to turn out and Matt can do pictures in 3 minutes. When you've been asking a guy who has no inclination towards photography or artistry to take your picture for over 6 years, you make the process as painless as possible. 
So yay for conveniently located lime green walls. And yay for Matt, who caught some accidental sun flares across the pictures, which give the illusion of effort...


ThriftyParka said...

Love the outfit....can you post a closeup of those amazing earrings?

hee, hee, hee, iPhone photography rocks!

DressUpNotDown said...

What a print! What a wall! What amazing legs (as usual)!


Kinsey Couturier said...

I feel the same way. I love a good wall. When I'm walking near my house I am usually thinking "that'd be a good place for blog pics!"

Sydney said...

This. This post is exactly my relationship with my husband. Good wall, all shade and he can take the pics as quickly as possible. We've had more than our share of dust ups over this whole blogging photography thing!

Lisa Style said...

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