The Beach


Dress? Elan, Winners (very similar here) Necklace? Thrifted Bracelets? My Oma's and the crazy lady at The Ex

For many years while we were growing up, we spent two blissful weeks every summer at a rather ramshackle cottage in Ontario's cottage country. They were my two favourite weeks of the year. Bedtimes got relaxed, some sugar and processed food made it into our diets and we went Sauble Beach almost every day. Unfortunately for my boy-crazy teenage self, my parents' idea of beach time was swimming for a few hours before the crowds even hit the beach. We would sleep in until 7:30 (no, I am not making that up to make the blog post more entertaining. We slept in until 7:30... during the year we woke up before 7...), eat breakfast and make it to the beach before 9. Then we would attempt to tan our white little bodies and jump the waves until 11... at which time we would head home. Leaving the beach just as the cute volleyball boys started arriving was almost torture. Why were my parents so backwards?
This year my brother, his wife and their baby are in Canada for vacation and our family is up in cottage country again. We are staying in the same charming cottage along Sauble Beach we rented two summers ago. In the spirit of latent rebellion I am eating sugar packets and canned foods all day, sleeping in until noon and going to the beach whenever I feel like it. It feels good.

(Fully aware that 7 pictures per post is a little excessive. I apologize. Also, in the water pictures I seem to be missing a male counterpart... someone make my day and Photoshop Fabio frolicking in the water with me...)


Glam And Eggs said...

These pictures are amazing, you look gorgeous, and I am so jello that you are at the beach! Be as rebellious as you like! That's part of the fun of being on vacation! :)

Anonymous said...

Seconding all of the above---not too much at all, these are downright stunning photos! Love the dress, necklace, and the location. What a nice vacation!

Frannie Pantz said...

First of all, I don't think YOU could ever have too many photos because all of yours are gorgeous all the time. Second, this dress and the necklace are beautiful!!!! And last (apparently I make my blog comments like a third grade essay . . . ) that story about your family at the cottage is so sweet. What great memories to share! Thanks!

Jessica Gitler said...

You are such a beauty!! I love the long necklace with that great maxi!!

Gina said...

These pictures are absolutely stunning! I didn't want them to end!
XO, Gina

Jessica Broyles said...

Sooo so pretty! Have a great time at the beach!


Laura said...

These pictures look absolutely amazing, so don't apologize for posting 7 pictures. I hope that you have an amazing vacation!


Love at First Blush said...

Wow!! These are really beautiful photos! I love your outfit too.

Santina said...

These photos are absolutely beautiful! Fancy lady at the beach! ;) I'm always in cutoffs and a tank...you make me want to glam it up a bit!

Enjoy your vacation!

newpetite said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Love that you are so glamorous on the beach :-)

Olga said...

Amazing foto !!!! :)

Anonymous said...

You look gorgeus and I love your necklace.

And for you and for the others: can someone help me to desing the head bar here on blogger? I have no idea! thank you!!

megannielsen said...

Goodness me Yen!! You look stunning - this beach-goddess look suits you very well my friend, if i do say so :)
I'm so glad you're having a nice rest and holiday - you absolutely deserve it!

Much love and hugs!

Outside Looking In said...

That dress is gorgeous! Great pictures!

Leah said...

Pure model material here! Sitting down in the water and everything while the sun sets. Have fun at Sauble! (jealous)

Mihaela said...

Aaahhhh....good times!
Love the simple, yet charming outfit!

Bree said...

Stunning pictures! Love the lighting on the water and you look fabulous, as always.

Dream in Fashion

A Fine Balance said...

I have problems limiting photos too but I love looking at them : )

you look like youre having a great time :)

Rebecca Jane said...

You look so lovely and carefree in these photos. I really like your necklace too!

Anonymous said...

nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

you are a mermaid goddess in the 4th photo. amazing.

compradora anonima said...

beatiful place and great look